Saturday, November 1, 2008

Breathing - Expanding the Life-Force

By Katherine Lash

"Life's mystery lies in the breath."

Our greatest life-force comes from Breathing. Our energy at any given moment depends upon the way we are breathing. A free, expansive flow of energy opens that which is contracted in the body. As we feel pain and hurt in our lives, we tighten our muscles and we contract our lungs. In fact, during times of strong emotion, many people literally stop breathing. These contracted energy patterns then cause illness, neurosis, and physical disease. When we shut down our breathing, we suppress our emotions, thereby failing to truly process them. This suppressed emotional baggage remains "stuck" in the body and keeps us from being fully alive. In fact, the lack of sufficient oxygen to the brain can turn on the "fight or flight" response and make us irritable, anxious, fearful, and tense.

When we experience pain and trauma in terms of the emotional body, we sometimes begin to suppress our breath until the trauma is over. If we continue in this suppression, instead of breaking the patterns and facing the pain, then our emotional scars will remain forever as contracted energy and the life-force is no longer free and expansive. Breathing deeply and fully will put us in touch with unresolved issues and feelings. Can we really breath out troubles away? My experience says yes. Set aside a time each day to breath deeply and fully. Let the day's negative patterns, wounds, and frustrations flow away and allow yourself to renew with a magical inhalation of oxygen and rejuvenation.

When we fully exhale, we can let go of that which is no longer serving us. People seem to think that the magic is in the intake. However, when we allow the stale air to fully empty from the lungs then we are able to inhale to our full advantage. When this is done in a meditative state, we can also let go emotionally and move out unhealthy patterns with our breath. We can truly be in the moment as we realize that the breath in a continual rhythmic flow which can reflect the energy of our lives. The way we participate in this continual ebb and flow of life-breath energy, that revitalizes and connects us all, determines our ability to go deeper within ourselves in order to find our essence and serenity.

Katherine Lash has been a educator and holistic health practitioner for over 20 years. Her travels have taken her to over 10 countries around the globe. Katherine resides in Sedona, Arizona where she and her partner offer spiritual and healing retreats. These retreats are customized, intensive, one-on-one sessions which result in true transformation.

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