Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chakra Guided Visualizations For Health

By J Seymour

Meditation self-help using Chakra guided visualizations can have a positive effect on your health. Guiding your visualization skills requires great concentration and this can be difficult to achieve on a conscious level. You can peel away the skins of distraction by using your subconscious to focus on the chakras.

Seven Chakras

Seven chakras represent different aspects of your physical body. These components have inner connections to your thoughts and emotions. When you take time to use visual images in your mind, you open these components, gaining control and providing healing.

The seven chakras include the crown, root, umbilical, solar plexus, throat, heart and the third eye. Each one is connected to a physical aspect of your self. When you meditate with visualization focused on any one of the these meditative tools, you open them, providing access to the physical realm through your mind.

Chakra Guided Visualizations

When you use the power of your mind to visualize each of the seven components, you are able to recognize the connections between your mind, body and spirit. They all interact together. When you are not open and aware of these important relationships, you can feel it in your physical self.

The disharmony between your mind, emotion and body can cause physical distress and illness. Once you become accustomed to visualizing each component you can overcome physical difficulties and help heal some health problems in conjunction with medical interventions.

The images you create in your mind guide you through your body, combining thought and emotion to foster better health and inner harmony. This approach has significant effects on your physical self.

Physical Realm

The physical realm is often disassociated from the cognitive mind. Many people fail to recognize that the mind and the body are interconnected. Spirituality, cognition and emotion are all part of who you are. These components are manifested in your physical body.

For example, you could have physical difficulties in the gall bladder, stomach, kidneys, spleen, liver or the diaphragm when your solar plexus is closed. The health problems can be addressed through meditative exercises and visualizing the affected area of the body.

This approach is complementary to any medical interventions deemed necessary by your physician. As you open your chakras, you open the path to healing. This has great benefits in your emotional realm. The solar plexus also has connections to the emotional elements in your life pertaining to self-esteem and confidence.

Self-Hypnosis and Visualization

When you use you visualization power in conjunction with self-hypnosis, you can reach a higher plane. You are not relying on your conscious mind as a guide. The subconscious is engaged and it serves as a natural guide through your meditative processes.

Your body responds on many levels to this form of meditation. You have access to your thoughts, emotions and physical components through the images you create in your mind. Chakra guided visualization is a wonderful approach to developing a healthy mind, spirit and body.

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Vanessa said...

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