Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chinese Astrology and Precious Flowers

By Ewyen Minh

Did you know that each of the 12 Chinese signs is associated to a unique flower? According to my research the 12 precious flowers were selected by two gods who created Chinese astrology and the Chinese calendar. These flowers are: Narcissus, Carnation, Violet, Jonquil, Sweet Pea, Passion, Rose, Larkspur, Gladiolus, Aster, Marigold and Chrysanthemum.

Chinese sign: Rat
Narcissus is a highly respected flower in Chinese culture. People decorate their houses with during the Chinese new year. It is also used as a medical herb to heal wounds of the body and soul.

Chinese sign: Ox
Carnation is a flower which symbolizes wisdom. It is associated with Guan, the Chinese earthly god. Chinese people use it to express their appreciation and gratitude towards their family.

Chinese sign: Tiger
Violet is commonly used in herbal medicine. Chinese people use this flower to produce Viola tea and sweets with Viola syrup. It's essence is also used in perfumes and scented materials.

Chinese sign: Rabbit
Jonquil is used by the Chinese for the creation of a special lucky seal which they wear as a lament in special occasions. It is said that this Jonquil seal brings extreme luck to those who own it.

Sweet Pea
Chinese sign: Dragon
Sweet Pea is a dangerous flower that should not be eaten. It contains a highly poisonous toxin. This flower can be found in most gardens because of its beautiful shape and bright colors.

Chinese sign: Snake
Chinese people use Passion flower which they mix with other herbs, to create an elegant smoking blend. The flower is also used in herbal medicine to cure insomnia, depression and epilepsy.

Chinese sign: Horse
Rose is the most recognizable of the 12 flowers. It symbolizes beauty and love. In China grows the Chinese Rose which has the unique ability to bloom repeatedly unlike any other Rose species.

Chinese sign: Sheep
Larkspur is a rare flower. Chinese herbalists use it to cure asthma and eye diseases. The flower is also used against snake bites. Chinese also use it's essence to produce a high quality ink.

Chinese sign: Monkey
Gladiolus is a very respected flower which Chinese people use in very important occasions like funerals. It is said that this flower helps those who have passed away to find their destination in heaven.

Chinese sign: Rooster
Aster is one of the most decorative flowers. People in china use it for decoration purposes during festivals or ceremonies. It is a flower associated with Jade, the Chinese heavenly god.

Chinese sign: Dog
Marigold is a very important flower. The flower's essence is used to produce Lutein, a strong medicine against most eye diseases. Marigold leaves are also considered strong painkillers especially against headache and toothache.

Chinese sign: Pig
In China, people boil Chrysanthemum leaves to produce a special tea which is said to heal any illness. Chrysanthemum flowers can also work as atmosphere cleaners in an indoor environment, reducing air pollution to the minimum.

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