Saturday, November 8, 2008

Daily Astrology For the Week of November 10, 2008 - General Tendencies For All Sun Signs

By Janet Moon

Mon 11/10/08 Begin New Projects and Get Things Done

You couldn't ask for a better day, and a Monday no less. Our enthusiasm will be strong, and there could be some unexpected opportunities come our way. Also, people will be patient, and business will go very well. There may be a little exaggeration this morning (very early west coast), and our feelings may get a bit critical tonight (this evening west coast). But, all in all, its going to be a great day to begin new projects and get things done. Major Planetary Events Today: Sun Sextile Jupiter, Sun Trine Uranus

Tue 11/11/08 Business Deals and Pressing our Luck

Its going to be a busy morning, and there could be many business deals going on. Our optimism will still be strong, and we may try to press our luck a little too hard. Think before you sign, or you may end up regretting the deal. Group projects will go well, especially early this afternoon (late morning west coast). We may find we are ready to slow down the pace when the Moon enters Taurus around mid afternoon (early afternoon west coast), and our focus could very well turn to our loved ones tonight. It could be a very passionate night, but we need to be careful not to push our lovers for commitments they are not ready for. Happy Veteran's Day! Major Planetary Events Today: Sun Sextile Saturn

Wed 11/12/08 Opportunities But Poor Judgment

We may be still be feeling a bit passionate this morning, but as the day goes on, our calmness and serenity should return under the influence of the Taurean Moon. There may be some new opportunities for us today, but our judgments could be poor. If you can, postpone any life changing decisions until the weekend. People will be patient and ready to listen tonight. Major Planetary Events Today: Venus Conjunct Pluto, Venus Enters Capricorn

Thu 11/13/08 Difficult Morning - Busy Afternoon

We may find it rather difficult to get started this morning. In fact, things could be rather cantankerous through mid afternoon (lunch time west coast). It could be a good time to repeat the Serenity Prayer over and over in your head. The Moon will enter Gemini this afternoon (around lunch time west coast), and we will be ready to get busy. Watch out for teasing too much. We may hurt someone's feelings early this evening (mid afternoon west coast). It should be a good night for conversations and games, just watch out for becoming too scattered. Major Planetary Events Today: Full Moon, Jupiter Sextile Uranus, Sun Square Neptune

Fri 11/14/08 Busy Bees

We are going to feel like busy bees today under the Gemini Moon. Its going to be a great day for conversations and two of everything, so keep both phones handy. There could be some miscommunications late this afternoon (mid afternoon west coast), and we may not know what direction to go in tonight. Those of us up late could get a creative inspiration. Major Planetary Events Today: None

Sat 11/15/08 Busy Morning - Upsets this Afternoon - Optimistic Night

The day is going to start out pretty well, so get your chores and errands done early. Because, things could get very upsetting this afternoon (late morning through early afternoon west coast). We are going to want to be home this evening after the Moon enters domestic Cancer, and we will be feeling much more nurturing. It would be a great evening to cook a special meal. It will be a great night for special friends and unexpected messages. There may be a little problem with money or family early tonight (this evening west coast), but most of the night should be original and optimistic. Major Planetary Events Today: None

Sun 11/16/08 Ready to Travel and Feeling Grand

The Moon is going to be in home loving and domestic Cancer today, but we may still get the urge to travel with Mars entering Sagittarius. Also, Mercury, the ruler of short trips, will be dancing with 4 planets for the next 2 days, so its going to be an excellent day for adventures and trips, even if its only to Wal-Mart. We are going to be feeling absolutely grand tonight, and may of us will stay up late. Enjoy! Major Planetary Events Today: Mercury Trine Uranus, Mars Enters Sagittarius, Mercury Sextile Jupiter, Mercury Sextile Saturn.

Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to subscribe her daily astrology general tendencies forecast. (This article can be reprinted freely online wholly or in part, as long as this bio is included.)

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