Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dead People in Dreams - Divine Revelation - Scientific Proof of God's Existence

By Christina Sponias

The scientific reality explains the religious mystery of all the centuries, and the accurate translation of the meaning of our dreams reveals to us the existence of a wise and saintly unconscious mind in our own psyche, which tries to help us fight against the wild part of our conscience, sending us important dream messages.

The e-book "Dead People in Dreams" was created after my summer offer of free dream translation and psychotherapy, using the example of dreams from contributors, besides many of my own dreams, since they revealed to me the reason why many of my friends and relatives had to die while they were still young.

This is knowledge that can be acquired only through the scientific method of dream interpretation. However, we have already verified in many cases that all the information we receive in dreams is objective and real. Therefore we can trust the unconscious mind that produces our dreams.

Relating the knowledge given in dreams with various scientific discoveries in many different fields, which happened at the end of the last century, I could verify that the materialistic conception of this époque had many unexplained aspects.

I understood then that only by abandoning the materialistic mentality and accepting to give value to several metaphysic observations I would discover the unknown truth about the human nature and the meaning of life and death.

This decision was quite dangerous for many reasons, especially because I would have to face the atheistic mentality of the scientific world and of the hypocritical society of our time, which pretends to be religious while there is real faith neither in its spirit nor in its selfish behavior.

There is no real faith even inside the Church or inside the most supposed sensitive human hearts.

Man believes in the existence of God doubting it at the same time, while following the behavior pattern of Satan.

The astonishing scientific discoveries of the last century in the fields of biology and astronomy proved to the world that the human being is simply a descendent of primates and that the existence of many stages of transformation justifies the human evolution.

The unknown of space was approached and the moon stopped being romantic, after the first steps of man on this natural satellite of Earth.

Everything suddenly could be explained and understood. We had no need of the existence of any superior being. Everything could be scientifically justified through research that revealed to us the cause for the appearance of each observed phenomenon on our planet.

The human being felt that he himself was God!

However, the horrors of human life in a world governed by terrorism, violence and immorality provoked much damage to the spirit of humanity.

The well-explained phenomena at a certain point needed more explanations that could not be given, and many false conclusions stepped on the contradictory truth that could not agree with them.

Today, the answers found for all the questions that silently remained without answer, clearly reveal to the world that nothing could begin on Earth because our planet is too young, and nothing could be transformed here if it had not been prepared to evolve.

Therefore, we need indispensably to admit the existence of a superior brain that organized the functionalism of nature and prepared the programs of development of each organism, determining a priori their level of evolution and their limitations.

Only because the human being is an idiot, since the biggest part of his brain is still in a primitive stage, can he not accept the idea of being inferior to God, and only because he is so evil that he could be named Satan, he hates the idea of being religious, calm, pacific, and obey to the wise directions of the most developed existent human conscience, which reached sanctity and perfection, and is the only one that can save him from craziness and despair with its wisdom.

Prevent Depression and Craziness through the scientific method of Dream Interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by Christina Sponias, a writer who continued Jung's research in the unknown region of the human psychic sphere.
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