Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Flathead Lake Monster

by: Robert Benjamin

In 1889, Capt. James C. Kerr and his crew reported that they saw a whale like creature approaching their lake steamer in the waters of Flathead Lake, Montana. One of the crew apparently fired his rifle at it and it scared the creature away.

In 1949, the Polson family who was out for a picnic near the lake reported that they saw a very huge fish in Flathead lake. It was more than a hundred meters from them but they could clearly see about six feet of its tail appearing above the water. It swam towards the southeastern part of the lake and it produced waves that were a foot high as it gradually went under water.

On May 28, 1955, Leslie Griffith was able to catch a very big sturgeon near Dayton, several miles down the Flathead Lake. The sturgeon put off a very good fight as Griffith pointed out. When the carcass of the white sturgeon was measured, it was about eight foot long; weighing almost two hundred pounds. The remains of the white sturgeon were then brought to the Polson-Flathead Historical Museum.

At that account, people in the area around Flathead Lake assumed that it was the end of the line for their own "Nessie" story. However many skeptics theorized that the large fish might have been pulled from the lake, but it might have been brought in to the lake from somewhere else. True to most theories, the slain sturgeon did not put an end to the stories of the Flathead Lake Monster. More sightings of the creature were reported every year.

In 1993, there were more than twenty reported sightings of the Flathead Lake Monster. Among the most prominent records were those during July 13 and July 29. On July 13, a bank officer and a sales manager of Seattle claimed that they had videotaped their sighting of the Flathead Lake Monster. They said that the monster had a sturgeon-like head but its body seemed to be more akin to that of an eel. They said that the body seemed to be at least twelve feet in length. In the video, a dark shape emerging from the water's surface can be observed.

Two weeks after, an Illinois policeman with his family said that they saw a "nessie" in the waters near the north side of Wild Horse Island. They said that they were on their boat when they spotted the creature fifty yards away from them. They said that it swam past their boat at a distance of about a hundred yards away. According to the officer, the Flathead Lake monster had a shiny and slippery body. It had a head much like the size of a bowling ball and its body extended to about twenty feet long.

There is a website that describes the Flathead Lake Monster and numerous other creatures of Cryptozoology in detail, this website is called: Unknown Creatures and it may be found at this url:

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