Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Greeks had two words for time - Chyros and Chronos...

By: Berdine Bronkhorst

Chyros is the time quantity (24 hours per day) whilst Chronos comes from the Greek word "kairos" - the appointed time the purpose of God, timing! So, some or maybe all of us are operating in Chyros time, working at least 12 hours a day to pay the bills, then rush home to spend some family time and repeat the same cycle until Christmas where you can sigh a sigh of relief and take some time off. Then there are the clever few who discovered Chyros, the power of timing and providence moving in your favour. That is where everything flows, through minimal effort you meet the right people at the right time etc.

Ever wondered what condition your consciousness must be in to hear Chyros? A Consciousness Coach® would partner up with clients to do the following:

1. Align yourself with your highest purpose

Do you have a clear vision of where you are going? Have you sat down lately with or without a coach, to see where exactly you are at and where you are going? Is what you have right now for your life in line with the grandest version of the greatest vision you ever could have for yourself? Take a time out and write down what it is you would want to create for yourself if you could have it completely your way...

2. Meditation

Meditation, whatever way you choose to do it, is one of the best ways to slow down the mind and to drown out the negative self talk. Take time out for yourself from your busy schedule (yes, the kids will be fine and someone will eventually take out the garbage) but do this for you! Sit completely still for 10 minutes a day, eyes open, and notice the conversations that is going on in your mind. Become the observer and in the process become awake, alert and alive! Be home when the delivery arrives!

3. Keep your consciousness complete

Do a Consciousness Inventory of everything in your environment, mentally, physically or spiritually that is either dragging you down or lifting you up. Physical objects that drag you down can be sold, given away or thrown away. A Consciousness Coach© could assisted you in completing the attachment to the internal objects (emotionally and mentally). This will free up space in your consciousness, keeping it complete and free for Chyros to deliver and for you to be able to notice the gifts that Chyros has to deliver.

4. By the power of your word

Are your goals defined in space and time and have you decided to be your word and handle it impeccably? Making clear commitments and taking bold stands allows providence to move in your favour, assisting Chyros to deliver to you in the most magical way possible. But hey, if you haven't named it, how on earth can you expect to claim it! Remember that the more committed you are, the more Chyros is working in your favour!

5. Being relaxed and available for Chyros to deliver

Need I say anything about being so stressed out that you don't even hear the person next to you in the coffee shop looking for the exact thing that you are selling, or seeing an old friend across the road that could potentially assist you with a project that you are busy with? Instead you are frantically on your phone, stressed out about the project, making arrangements to work late and you miss the wonderful opportunity of timing playing in your favour...

These are all tools to slow down and look at all the gifts that life has to offer! And all of them will come at exactly the right time, the right place and not a minute too soon. We just need to be available, aware and present to not miss.

Berdine Bronkhorst is a qualified Consciousness Coach and runs Invision Coaching together with her partner. Invision Coaching has developed the successful Weight Wisdom and Wealth Consciousness courses. Go to to find out about life coaching

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