Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hypnosis Can End Your Fear of Flying

By: Peter James Field

Usually, when I fly, I have little difficulty in noticing those nervous travellers who are quite obviously experiencing real discomfort because of a fear of flying. Their nervous appearance and shaky movements very quickly announce that they are in the throws of anxiety -- they are, quite visibly suffering from an acquired flying phobia.

Fear of flying is a surprisingly common phenomenon. Together with the fear of spiders and the fear of public speaking, fear of flying is the most common phobia there is.

In our rational, conscious mind, of course, we may be only too well aware that flying is the safest means of public transport in existence. In terms of accidents and fatalities, it is much, much safer than driving, for example. The Federal Aviation Authority has researched and reviewed the accident rate for the past few years and, according to them, you would have to take one flight a day for the next 22,000 years in order to be the casualty of a crash in a commercial airplane.

These, surely, are pretty impressive odds in anyone's book!

The problem is, of course, that fear of flying - in common with all phobias - is not based in logic or rationality. It is a learned fear and, as such, it is generated by the subconscious mind. Fear is a feeling, and though feelings are interpreted by the conscious, analytical mind, they are not really generated there. They are driven by the subconscious, feeling mind. This explains why it is so very difficult to simply use logic and willpower to order them away.

The good news, of course, is that since this fear is learned - the fear of loud noises (startle reflex) and of falling (parachute reflex) are the only fears we are actually born with - then it can be un-learned.

Of course, CDs are freely available which claim to rid you of the fear of flying and some of these might be partially useful in temporarily easing this fear to a certain degree. They can assist in producing limited feelings of greater relaxation. But, such strategies work only at the symptom level, by attempting to 'suggest' away the fear, leaving the actual cause of the problem untouched. And, based on my own professional experience and training, if the 'driver', the cause of the fear is left untouched and untreated, it will indeed find some way to surface and persist.

Real and effective treatment for fear of flying need not be lengthy and it is a surprisingly simple process. Usually, this phobia can be treated and cleared in as little as two sessions of effective transformational hypnotherapy. The emphasis here, of course, is on the word 'effective' - so many 'hypnotherapists' simply lack the correct training in order to deal with this phobia.

There is no real reason for you or anyone to hang on to this truly debilitating, intensely restricting fear. There is no need to continue to suffer when taking, or thinking about taking an airplane. Transformational hypnotherapy, in the hands of a fully trained, experienced transformational hypnotherapist can rapidly return you to yourself, allowing you complete freedom in this area.

Seek out an experienced and fully qualified transformational hypnotherapist and free yourself, once and for all, of your fear. You'll be really glad you did!

Peter Field is one of the foremost hypnotherapists working in the UK today. He has practices in both London and Birmingham, England and is author of numerous articles on psychology, hypnosis, and health. For more absorbing articles and helpful information, visit his website:

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Captain Tom said...

Being an airline captain, licensed therapist, and hypnotist who has specialized in the treatment of fear of flying for 28 years, I assure you that fear of flying is NOT learned.

Nor is hypnotism a reliable treatment for this phobia, though it is for some other phobias.

To learn the cause -- and cure -- see the video at