Saturday, November 1, 2008

Living the Magical Life

By: Ray Eddings

The complex tapestry of modern life often leaves little room for spirituality. Finding the still quiet within one's self amid the layers of family, work, and friends not to mention the pressures of the world today with its war, politics, and disasters both man-made and natural can often seem impossible. And it is common for many to feel left out of the center of staid monotheistic and monolithic religions when they turn to them for help. For some the answer to these pressures can be found in the modern and ancient practices of Wicca and paganism.

Much of the rest of modern society rejects the beliefs of these religions. Indeed, there is a comforting simplicity in one giant god lording over all. But it can be simpler for its rightness to embrace the natural world and the religion that organically presents itself in the seasons and the celestial dance.

Following this path is not always so easy. Society is not designed to accommodate it creating the need for a deliberate effort. The rewards are immeasurable but demand a constant attention to the magical world around us. One cannot simply be a weekend Wiccan; one must fully embrace the lifestyle. Depending on the particular tradition this can mean an intricate, fully-realized daily ritual or a simple daily reminder of one's place in the world but the magical life requires constant nurturing.

Here are a few simple tips to help you keep focus:

-Look up: Remember the moon, watch its phases and be conscious of how it affects your life.

-Embrace your ignorance: It is when we recognize how little we know that we can truly begin to learn and continue to grow.

-Look down: Remember the earth. Plant something, recycle something, and celebrate the seasons.

-Embrace your wisdom: Look inside as much as you look outwardly for the Divine. Trust yourself that you will find the right path even if that means making some mistakes along the way.

-See the magical in everything: Don't just eat a piece of fruit; know how it fits in your magical world and think about how you can incorporate that power.

Living the magical life does not and cannot be accomplished with a formula. Everyone is on a different journey and each must decide for herself what the right path is. But remembering these few simple reminders will help make the path clear.

For more information about the Wiccan way and living the magical life visit

For more information about the Wiccan way and living a magical life visit

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