Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Month of Scorpio 2008

By Sharita Star

As with all Fixed Organized Signs, we know that we are settling into the season at hand. Scorpio furthers us into Autumn through it's water guidance, granting the depth and management of ideas. With its' ruling planet Pluto, those influenced by the Eagle/Scorpion are on a constant quest in life for fearlessness, investigation and motivation.

The typical Scorpio native displays a self-controlled, strong-willed, thorough, passionate, and regenerative nature. Always seeing the grand picture with accurate scope, power positions easily come to the Eagle who can soar above it all. If the Scorpion becomes suspicious or jealous in any way- they can fall to becoming possessive, ruthless, secretive, and resentful. One way a Scorpio can keep in check is always to be in full awareness of the understanding that with every death they see, there is a rebirth soon on the way.

The Zodiac House that Scorpio's energy rules in the birth chart is the 8th of Regeneration/Sexuality/Wealth. This is the area of life in our chart that denotes how we desire to transform ourselves linking to the tendencies of our sexual preferences. The sign positioned here also will point to how we obtain wealth. Looking to how the Zodiac Wheel may spin in any individual birth chart, the House Scorpio falls is the area of life where they will see a mysterious and intense nature behind all they do. Any planets that may be placed in Scorpio at the time of birth also take on their innate expression through the qualities of this esoteric-loving and highly intuitive sign.

The Zodiac month ahead requests truth from the collective, as Scorpio takes on the element of water as it "fixes" it into an organized state upon the Zodiac Wheel. Preparations for hibernation begin as the last leaves fall from the trees in their final rest, signifying transformation is upon the collective. With the all-encompassing Pluto as Scorpio's ruler, this month urges time spent in the planning of long-term projects, healing activities, and solving mysteries! No other sign is more attuned to gauging the power and scope of life as the Scorpio innately knows how deeply regeneration makes us stronger.

Mercury enters Scorpio upon Election Day here in the USA. The Messenger will ask us to focus upon positive expressions while utilizing acute perceptions in our communications. Secrets needing to be heard are bound to be revealed over this 3-week passage. The Scorpio piece of your Zodiac pie points to what area of life to watch for possible bitter attitudes, skeptical, or intolerant energies to emerge.

The first of three Direct Oppositions of Saturn in Virgo verses Uranus in Pisces also occurs upon 11/4 at 8:35am. At an 18 degrees pull of Virgo vs. Pisces, we can be sure there will be some planetary "fireworks" going off. Saturn will be sure a discriminating lesson needing to be learned will surface while Uranus may unexpectedly display the end of a delusion for the collective. The opposing Virgo-Piscean houses at 18 degrees in the birthchart will indicate where you can look on a personal level to see how this rare but intense planetary aspect will affect you.

Venus enters conservative Capricorn upon 11/12. Ms. Harmony now journeys with the Goat, where one can expect responsibility, sincerity and challenges to be at the core of value related matters. This transit grants the collective the channel to develop self-reliance and eliminate unwanted restrictions. Checking the area Capricorn affects you will be the slice of life that excellence and pleasure can be ultimately gained in through the application of consistent values until 12/7.

Mars enters optimistic Sagittarius upon 11/16. The Universal urge to be jovial and look at the glass as half full will be ultimately strong; while one should be aware of the tendency to swing to impulsive attitudes and argumentation. The Sagittarian ruled area of the birth chart points to where one can anticipate an exploratory and opportunistic drive over the 6 weeks Mars spends time with The Archer.

May we all stand truthful in what is passionate to us, remembering that honesty with the self makes one only then honest with others.

Since the young age of 7, Sharita has been a student of the planets above and all of the mysteries of our Universe. She is available for all levels of astrological, numerical and lexigram analysis through readings and party services, available at: She resides between New York City and Chatham, NY while currently finishing her first book.

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