Friday, November 7, 2008

One Of The Ancient Branch Of Astrology Chinese Astrology

By Matthias Zeitler

Chinese astrology is one of the most ancient branches of astrology in the world and dates back to thousands of years before contemporary era to the days of Mesopotamian, Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations. Emperor HUANG TI introduced Chinese astrology in 2637 B.C. and its development can be credited to the emergence of the Chinese writing system.

Compared to its Chinese counterpart the western zodiac system is relatively new. In spite of its ancient origins Chinese astrology has not lost its popularity and the Chinese zodiac is regularly consulted by millions of believers all over the world.

Intricacies of Chinese Astrology

The 12 months of the year are taken in to account by the occidental zodiac practice. Chinese astrological practice is both similar and dissimilar to the western zodiac. The foundation of Chinese astrology rests on a 12 year lunar cycle.

An individual's Chinese animal sign can be found out by the year of his birth. Like, if you were born in 1984 you will belong to the YEAR OF THE RAT or simply, you are a RAT sign, according to Chinese astrology. Follow the Chinese luni-solar calendar if you want accurate readings.

Even an ignorant layman can now understand that the Chinese astrological system is thoroughly complex and hard to follow. If the Indian jyotish shastra is an ancient science, then the Chinese astrological system is a celebrated art form.

12 different animals stand for The 12 signs in Chinese astrology and those born under each sign. Each of the astrological signs imbibed or received the personality traits and natural attributes of each animal, as laid down by the Chinese astrological rule.


According to Chinese folklore, amidst the celebrations of the CHINESE NEW YEAR, Lord Buddha realized the imminence of his death. On his invitation, only 12 animals turned up to pay him a farewell visit. They were the horse, snake, dragon, tiger, ox, rat, rabbit, monkey, sheep/goat, pig, rooster and dog. The Enlightened One bestowed honor on these 12 animals by dedicating the 12 sections of the Chinese zodiac in the names of the 12 animals.



The aspects and principles of this celebrated ancient art form have their roots in or date back to the classical philosophy of YI JING(I CHING), LAO-TSE and Confucius.

Personality Type

Don't think you are a RAT wholly. You might have the secret characteristics of a DOG and the internal traits of a TIGER. A total of 8640 combinations and permutations for each individual can exist in Chinese astrology.

12 different types of personality are represented by the twelve animal signs. But it is extremely difficult to determine the sign to which you belong. You will require professional help from Chinese astrology experts to discern your combination.

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