Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pain and The Law of Attraction

Author: Joy Idries

It can be quite a challenge when pain turns up in your life. No-one wants to be in pain if they can help it. But what a great many of us don't realise is that how long it stays around and how we experience it can often be a result of the way we react to it, what we think about it and what meaning it has for us in our lives.

What is it about the pain that you focus on the most? How do you describe your pain to others? How do you describe the impact it has on your life?.

Well-being is a natural birthright for us all so if you are not feeling well then this is may be an indication that you are simply out of alignment with your natural, healthy, non-pain state. Instead of 'pain as enemy' choose to see it as a useful signal that your body would like you to do something to bring it back to its natural healthy original condition.

The Law of Attraction states that things of similar vibration are drawn towards each other. Like attracts like, whether that is something negative or positive. So, if you find yourself feeling victimised by pain you may attract into your life, people, experiences and situations that will add to the victimisation. When you are feeling doubtful about becoming well again, opportunities of becoming well and pain free may elude you because the Law of Attraction matches like with like.

Every time you experience an initial onset of pain you will probably find that all of your attention is immediately drawn to it like a magnet. This is perfectly natural and is the body's way of getting your attention. The problem arises when we stick with the pain and dwell on it for too long so that it turns from signal to a more chronic condition.

Once you have reassured yourself there's no immediate danger, you become free to take a more subtle and deliberately positive approach. If you turn things around and make a deliberate choice to feel hopeful of recovery and dwell on that and practise bringing your focus away from the pain and towards the parts of your body that are healthy and feel good, a way is opened for recovery to be attracted towards you. You might, for example be experiencing pain in your lower back or in your hip or shoulder. At this point you could try choosing, as an experiment, to focus instead on being grateful for your easy breathing or how easy and delightful it is to be able to move your fingers and toes ...

This positive focus will lead you to think and feel differently and your body will support you by producing feel good hormones in response to your lighter focus. When that happens you'll find that the pain will start to dissolve.

This is a process you can use whenever you need, to help you to shift the balance of your thoughts around pain to a place where you can begin to attract a healthy flow of wellness and restoration which can lead back to full vibrant health and no more pain.

We don't need to let pain take our power away. Nor our good feelings. We have the resources to make powerful choices for ourselves in line with the natural laws of the universe that are there to support us. You are the master of your thoughts and you can bring about whatever it is you desire just by concentrating more on what you want than what you don't.

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