Saturday, November 8, 2008

Reincarnation - We Always Exist in One Form Or Another

By M Deskins

What do you, I, and everyone else living in this world have in common? We were born. We're all alive. We exist. Since we've managed to make it here this time, who's to say we won't again someday? Or that we haven't ever made it before this life?

Many cultures have believed in the concept of past lives and reincarnation. There is an increasing number of people, all around the world, becoming enlightened every day. While there will always be skeptics discrediting the beliefs in reincarnation, there are many of us who understand perfectly that everyone currently walking the world has always walked the world, and always will be. The only thing that's separating us all from the past and future are different names and different faces.

While there has been a lot of research on the subject of reincarnation, it is still not accepted by mainstream scientists. There apparently isn't enough objective evidence for the theory of past lives. That is fine though. Skeptics have every right to question the ideologies of new age spirituality.

Subjective evidence, memories, and dreams of our past lives should be sufficient evidence for those of us believing in reincarnation. Some of us remember our past lives better than others, just as some remember dreams in clear detail and some can't. All it takes is deep meditation to detach oneself from the physical world, thus going to a place where time and space doesn't exist. The memories of past lives will surely come during the "time" that one detaches him or herself from time.

Reincarnation isn't merely a "belief" or a "theory" to some of us. For some of us, being reborn again and again is knowledge. It's truth.

About the Author: I am a spiritual female who loves writing. I especially love writing and teaching others about self help. I have a love for anything considered "metaphysical". I offer past life readings, magick, spells, psychic medium readings, Reiki,and more.

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