Saturday, November 22, 2008

Spiritual Ability

By M Kaihau

As we filter through the enlightenment maps that we have gathered throughout our mystical journeys, one creates an index of core spiritual experiences, where we draw upon our inner ability, to completely and wholly, understand these events.

In ones handbook to higher consciousness, is a time known as, the fashion during the enlightenment period, a time in which we process life experiences. Refer it to our core essence where this is amassed as a result of its importance. Once we understand the sequence of events encompassing it we find the cleansing energy of peace and harmony within. To understand and know that you have thought up your life with the thoughts you think, words you speak and the course of your actions. To become aware of the importance of your own inner values you begin to understand the value of living your life knowingly. To desire the understanding, with distinct intention and willingness, will inspire you to seek your spiritual ability and powers that lie within.

These spiritual techniques and training you will attain along the way will open up doors to endless possibilities, the doorway to personal growth through spiritually understanding and helping oneself. Alternatively you may want to take your gifted and talented resources, you have developed, up a notch with the help of inner guidance and the spiritual gift of psychic ability, an apply it to helping others. Otherwise continue to develop your abilities with spiritual coaching and gain, tools for higher consciousness exploration, the choice is yours to make.

The Age of Enlightenment is upon us, where the cloud of unknowing becomes known and leaving you in, The era of enlightenment, where the day will come when one will reach the state of achieving spiritual wholeness in this lifetime.

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