Thursday, November 6, 2008

Symptoms of Psychic Abilities - Meditation Brings Clarity

By Meg Tallon

Many people believe they may have psychic abilities and wish to discuss the possibility with someone else. But if these feelings are expressed to a skeptic, it's easy for them to be dismissed as "just a coincidence." Choose someone open minded with whom you can share the symptoms of psychic abilities that you have experienced.

There is no science, yet, that can definitively tell you whether you are psychic or not. There are some tests that can confirm you have an inclination for psychic abilities, but the results can't be absolute. At some point you may just need to begin to trust yourself and your own experience without confirmation from an outside source.

Many psychics suggest that meditation is a way in which they tap in to their psychic abilities and strengthen them. So, in order for you to get a better personal understanding and mental picture of your own psychic abilities, it may be a good idea to practice meditation. This can help to further clarify and develop any skills you may have.

The art of meditation is a skill that can be learned, and it requires discipline and habit. But the benefits are immense. Following are some guidelines to assist as you begin a meditation practice.

Preparation for meditation:

1. Privacy: Find a quiet area somewhere, and eliminate the likelihood of being interrupted by the TV, radio, telephone or another person.

2. Get Comfortable: Find a comfortable seat, get into a position that you can relax in and ensure you are not too hot or cold.

3. Relax: Rest your head, close your eyes and breathe deep, slow breaths. Be aware of clenching your jaw or tension in your shoulders and consciously allow your whole body to just let go.

The meditation process:

1. Breathing: Focus your entire mind on your breathing. Listen to the way it sounds in your head, you can hear your breaths being drawn in and hear them being released again. Breathe in on a count of four, and out on a count of four.

2. Intention: Ask that you be made aware of any psychic skills you may possess and trust that you will be provided with an answer.

3. Stay Focused: Whenever you feel your mind start to wander and you become aware of the outside world, bring it back onto your breathing again and focus it there.

Take note of which symptoms of psychic abilities arise as you meditate. When you are completely relaxed and receptive, you may start to sense and feel what some psychics call "psychic vibrations." You may become aware of a "knowing" sensation, you might see images or colors, you may hear words.

All of these can be described as symptoms of psychic abilities. With regular practice, the time required to reach the point of focus in meditation will be lessened and your psychic sensations will continue to emerge.

Keep a record of what happens each time you meditate and you will soon begin to detect a pattern from the symptoms of psychic abilities you experience. This will give you clearer insight into what your gifts are and how best to share them if that is what you choose to do. Head to to learn more.

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Robert Morgen said...

Nice article! Nice to see someone teaching meditation as a way to increase psychic powers.

I've run into many western practitioners who scoff at the eastern meditation practices, but the simple fact is that there have always been paths to meditation in every culture.

Good job,