Sunday, November 2, 2008

There is a Difference Between Reading Tarot Cards by Rote Memory Or Intuitive Interpretation

By Cassy L.

For centuries, millions of people have sought divinatory resources to help them find answers to life questions. Everyone born into this world has a life path. At times circumstances cause us to stray from that path. Sometimes we need help from spirit to help us find the path again. Some circumstances in our lives spin us out of control and leave us floundering, wondering, seeking. That is when we often turn within, seeking answers from our own soul to guide us in times of distress. For ages, Tarot reading has been the number one divinatory choice for people seeking such guidance.

There is a difference between reading cards by rote memory and intuitive interpretations of the cards. There are many computer generated and automated tarot readings available to the curious. However, computer programs do not have life experience to draw from, and computer programs do not read cards intuitively.

Truly, the answer the questioner seeks lies within his or her own soul. The cards only show us what spirit already knows. Unfortunately, life can be so hectic that we forget to listen to our inner guide. We do not have the ears to hear. That is where tarot can help, by unlocking the psyche and allowing spirit to speak through these timeless symbols.

Tarot reading offers guidance for all life situations. But the questioner must remember that all life is choice. All outcomes can be changed by the questioner's own desires and actions. Every reading offers insight, guidance, support, and draws the questioner's awareness to important aspects of life situations. But no divinatory method should be viewed as the absolute right answer to any puzzle. The tarot simply offers choices, possible obstacles that one may need to be aware of, and possible solutions. No reading should be construed as medical advice or a psychological evaluation. Spirit is beyond the body. When a questioner receives a reading, it is important that the questioner also listen to his or her own inner wisdom and intuition as the reading is given. No tarot reader should be viewed as wiser or better than the questioner. The tarot reader simply helps the questioner see the guidance being offered by spirit.

Real Tarot readers like Cassy, at are out there, with a desire to help the public. If you want real help not a computer program, seek one of them out.

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