Friday, November 7, 2008

Tips For Practicing Wicca Free Spells, How to Make Your Own

By A. Bachman

Here are a few tips for practicing wicca, free spells and how to make your own. Follow these tips while creating your spells and performing your spells. Wicca, free spells and how to make them is actually fairly simple once you understand basic principles about spell work and the elements of creating spells. Follow these tips for practicing wicca free spells, how to make your own.

1. Understand that everything is energy, and every energy has a specific vibration. Take the time to study the different vibrations of specific herbs, plants, trees, rocks, colors, metals, and symbols. These vibrations are the key to successful spells. You wouldn't want to use the color black in a love spell. Once you understand the vibrations of each type of herb, plant, rocks and other aspects of the tools you use for spell work, you can begin to instantly know what to use in your spells in order to get your desired outcome.

2. The words you use don't have to rhyme. They can, but they don't have to. They need to be about what you wish to attract to you or about the desired outcome. It could be something simple such as "diamond, diamond bring to me, wealth and abundance and pure as thee." Try to use words that cause you to think and feel about that thing which you desire. Emotion is your vibrational contribution to the spell. Choose words that help create and sustain the necessary and appropriate emotion.

3. Once you understand these two aspects of wicca free spells, you can start making your own spells. The hardest part is doing the study and research to learn about the herbs and plants, rocks, and other attributes of different physical tools you will use in your ritual.

These are the basic aspects of creating your own spells. It can be easier to simply look up a spell, however, it doesn't serve you as much as learning how to create your own. It will take you time to study the different plants and herbs and colors and such in order to create your own wicca free spells, however, once you develop the understanding you then have the ability to instantly create spells in seconds. With the proper training, you will never need to look for another spell again because you will be able to make your own wicca free spells.

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