Sunday, November 2, 2008

Using Feng Shui to Combat Infidelity

by Ascis Pecunia

When it comes to tragedies, prevention is always better than cure. So even if you are currently involved in a happy relationship, it won't hurt to take some feng shui precautions to guard against infidelity. The most important direction to take note of is the Northwest. The Northwest represents the patriarch (father) of the household, or the man in the relationship.

To determine the northwest direction of your home or room, stand in the middle of your home with a compass, and mark the northwest direction (do not use rough estimates using the direction of the sun; get a good compass!). The washroom, kitchen, or storeroom should never be located in the northwest. This will not only bring bad luck to the patriarch of the family, but also bring agitation, restlessness and sometimes even misfortune to the man of the house. Here, the house will no longer a sanctuary for the man, and this may become an aversion, causing him to stay away from home. If this is the case, there is no alternative but to relocate the kitchen or bathroom to a different area of the home.

In an irregular shaped house, it is possible that the northwest corner may even be missing. If this is so, the patriarch of the man of the house will seldom be at home. This is one factor that may lead to infidelity. To remedy this, place a bright light in the northwest direction of the house. This is just a temporary solution. If possible, extend the area of the house towards the northwest direction.

The northwest area of your home is dominated by the metal element. Strengthen the metal element in that area with lots of metal decorations (such as wind chimes or metal sculptures). Having lots of earth elements in this direction will also be beneficial as the element of earth produces metal. The lucky colors for this direction are reds, white, metallic colors, and yellows. Don't forget to fill the northwest area with symbols of love and fidelity. Hang family portraits, or pictures of you and your partner this area. A pair of mandarin ducks figurines is also an excellent marriage energizer.

By having good feng shui in the northwest, it will ensure that the man of the house will always stay close to home. If you are single, activating the northwest will attract a lot of Yang energy that will in turn attract a man into your life.

The southwest direction is also very important as it represents the matriarch of the family, or the mother of the family. The southwest should also be filled with symbols of fidelity. The predominant element of this direction is earth, so keep this area brightly lighted as often as possible. Place a lot of decorations made of crystals, clay or stone in this area to strengthen the element of earth.

If the southwest is poorly energized or missing, a single man will encounter difficulties in the search of a good wife; and a married man will not get enough support and affection from his wife.

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