Friday, November 28, 2008

Using The Law Of Attraction: Change The World By Changing Your Mind

By: Timothy Aaron Whiston

Your thoughts and feelings not only create your personality, but also have a very real impact on the world around you. This article will show you how you can change "outside" events by focusing on your inner world.

Ancient cultures knew the inner world of mind was a reflection of the outer, material world and vice versa. Modern science, through quantum physics and neurology, has finally caught up with these profound teachings.

What ancient sages called oneness, or unity, is obvious in all of life. The cells in your body work together in the same way various elements of the world's most fragile ecosystems coordinate and flow.

In fact we see an amazing synchronicity when we compare the particles and nuclei of the atomic world to the planetary bodies and stars of the heavens. The same circular relationships and serendipitous arrangements are apparent beneath the microscope and through the lens of our most powerful telescopes.

You are part of an incredible universe, and your thoughts, feelings, and actions reverberate throughout all reality. An honest look at your own life will reveal the direct connection of deep thoughts to physical phenomena; sadly we have been trained by mainstream society to be obtuse, and to ignore these obvious signs.

Fortunately, many diligent researchers across the globe have shed light on the very real impact our thoughts have on the outer world. Among the most compelling of these studies are the numerous examinations of how prayer and/or meditation can be used to alter weather patterns, eliminate disease in test subjects, and even reduce crime rates.

World-renowned scientist Dr. John Hagelin has participated in numerous studies on the external effects of group meditation. During the summer of 1994 one such study successfully reduced crime by 25% in Washington, D.C, earning the vocal support of the FBI and D.C. metro police.

The results of the D.C. experiment were actually predicted ahead of time, based on 12 previous studies in other cities! The question then becomes not "is this possible", but rather "why are these studies not given proper publicity and government support?"

In view of this and other research, one is within reason to wonder what could happen if the world population took a serious look at the power of thought. What kind of amazing results could we produce if we focused our collective attention on any one global problem?

On a smaller scale, the reader is urged to take renewed responsibility for his or her own patterns of thought and feeling. Sustained positive thought can benefit not only the individual, but also the people in his or her life.

It doesn't take research data to prove your attitude has a definite impact on the people you come into contact with. In fact you can likely remember more than one occasion when you were able to lift the spirits of someone else just by smiling at them.

And how many times have you gone to work, either in a very good or very bad mood, and soon realized your disposition was "rubbing off" on co-workers? Most likely your goal had not been to effect others, and yet you did!

What could happen if you made it your intention to share your "good vibrations" with others? I challenge you proactively put as much positive energy into the world as possible.

You are not the powerless individual you might have previously thought of yourself as. You possess the very real ability to influence the world around you, so if you don't like the way things are at this moment, do your part to initiate change from within.

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Nancy Wylde said...

Thank you for your article about using the law of attraction to change the world by changing your mind.
It makes perfect sense that changing the way we think results in what we attract into our daily lives. I give mention to 'change your thoughts', particularly negative ones, if one desires to see different outcomes in my book Ticket to Freedom.

Nancy Wylde