Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekly Horoscope for 3 Nov – 9 Nov

By: Noel Farrow

Weekly Horoscope for 3 Nov – 9 Nov

This week you may experience some kind of tension in the workplace and specifically there might be conflicts with some of your partners. You appear prone to health problems so be more careful as far as your health is concerned. Nevertheless, for those born between the 8th and the 11th of April this period might be beneficial. Do not hesitate to grab any opportunity which will help you to promote your skills.

This week appears to begin with conflicts within your family and your professional environment. If you are a parent you may be worried about various things concerning your children. For those born from the 11th of May until the 13th it will probably be impossible to avoid conflicts and pressure. However, although these days may seem really hard, those born on the 8th of May will be benefited both in their workplace and their personal relationships.

Your problems will unfortunately come to their culmination this week, especially for those born on the 12th and the 13th of June. You should be really cautious about what you say and do especially until the middle of the week. Act wisely as far as your love relationship is concerned. Positive thinking will lead you to success.

Try to be flexible this week in order to benefit as much as you can from other people’s mistakes. Until Wednesday do not avoid your public engagements but act carefully. Do some serious thinking before you make any important decisions. Those of you born in early July will have emotional and financial opportunities.

The negative atmosphere of the week will lead to some big emotional and financial struggles. Do not get over-enthusiastic with any too-good-to-be-true opportunities that might rise. This week you must avoid any conflicts with people who constantly tend to interrupt and perhaps damage your plans.

Apart from those who were born on the 10th of September (who will have a week of extraordinary luck at all levels) the rest Virgos will face many difficult situations the following days. Take good care of any health matters and stay calm in case any unpredictable circumstances may occur.

Potential problems will rise at the workplace especially because of the negative atmosphere of the following days. Be particularly cautious if you have already planed a trip. Try to communicate your ideas with accuracy in order to reap the benefits that you deserve. Do not take any risks that might have an impact on your health and your relationship with your family.

You are among those who will be influenced the least. Many of you might also take advantage of the existed growing tension. This can be very liberating since you undergo a lot of pressure and criticism. However, be particularly cautious with your finances. If you have any unfinished business from the past, this is a good period for you to clear things up.

Family matters as well as health and professional issues will rise this week. Think twice before you make any decisions. This could be a rough week for you and you need to rely on your inner qualities in order to face any potential problems. Towards the end of this period luck will be on your side.

Self-awareness will probably help you deal with the obstacles you may face this week. The spontaneous and impulsive Capricorns can make mistakes much easier and will probably destroy everything they struggled for. Those of you who are more objective and unbiased will make the most of the opportunities for success.

You might feel more uncertain about your financial and professional future. You might also get stressed easily and feel unprepared for the upcoming period. This is true for everybody but Aquarians are slightly more sensitive these days. Avoid any conflicts and don’t do anything rush which might cause you more problems.

Pisces are also more vulnerable this week. You are entering a period that significant changes will occur and might change your life to an extended degree. Some of those changes could have an irreversible impact on your personal and interpersonal affairs. You ought to be extremely careful in all aspects of your life. Pisces will have to struggle more than anybody else. Remember that your personal qualities will help you to overcome the crisis.

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