Thursday, November 6, 2008

Who Wants to Go Ghost Hunting?

By Steve Kettle

Investigating ghosts, or a more popular term, ghost hunting, is gaining in popularity as more and more television shows on the subject surface each season. With that in mind I'll ask it another way. Do you want to go ghost hunting?

There are many reasons why one would consider the possible exploration of the paranormal. Maybe you want to explore the possibilities of life after death. Perhaps you just want to experience the thrill of a paranormal encounter. What ever the reason one thing is for certain. Ghost hunting can make your hair stand on end!

We've all heard tales of how certain buildings and houses are haunted. I would venture that there are several in your own town that carry such a legend. Are you brave enough to find out for yourself?

If you are up to the challenge of investigating the ghost's hangouts in your area here are some do's and dont's.

First some do's. Do get permission from the so called haunted property's owner before beginning your ghost hunt. Tell the owner precisely what your intentions are. Give as many details as possible. Tell them the date and time you intend to do your investigation. Get permission to take photographs and offer to share any information you obtain.

Also, make sure you have flashlights with extra batteries, a good digital camera and, if possible, a map or outline of the house or building you are going to investigate. If the haunted house is vacant there won't be any electricity and the map will help you find your way around.

Don't rearrange anything you may find inside the property. If you want to get other owners to give you permission for future ghost hunting you will want a good recommendation from previous owners.

Most importantly, don't hunt alone! This is not because of the fear factor. You will want witnesses to any thing supernatural or paranormal. When more than one person can tell the exact same story it tends to have added credibility.

Who wants to go ghost hunting? After reading this article I hope many of you will schedule a hunt. Seek out the most talked about haunted house in your area and plan an evening you won't soon forget.

Are you brave enough to go ghost hunting? Do you want to know how to photograph ghosts? Come on! Don't be chicken. Check out do you want to go Ghost Hunting. That is, if you have the nerve!

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