Thursday, November 6, 2008

Working With Angels

There are 72 Angels, each with specific characteristics that any of us can call upon to help us. These characteristics can be very positive – or they can have negative aspects known as distortions. My new book, The Book of Angels, The Hidden Secrets, explains how we can work with the Angels of our choosing.

If we invoke an Angel for at least five days, we focus on this Angel. In other words, we focus on this specific ray or aspect of our consciousness. It is then possible to observe the manifestation of the Angel. Depending on the contents of the memories lodged within the chosen ray, the Angel manifests itself in all its purity or it activates our distortions to show us what we have to change to become a better person.

So what are some of the Angels we can call upon to help us develop along our life path? Below is a sample of the 72 distinctive Angels:

Jeliel = Love and wisdom; can inspire calm and harmony; altruistic; mediator; grants reliability, tranquility and fertility.

Mumiah = Brings rebirth and an opening of consciousness.

Lelahel = Provides insight and clear understanding, provides happiness and fortune; the mirror of the soul; helps with the art of expression in society.

Haziel = Represents Divine Mercy, good faith, gift of forgiveness and reconciliation, childlike purity, friendship and support.

Caliel = Brings about justice, honesty, judgment.

Nelkhael = Facilitates learning, loves studying, inspires scientists and philosophers.

Haheuiah = Provides protection, blocks evil, shields against harmful people, animals or corrupt forces.

One thing is for sure, Angels will manifest themselves upon your calling them. Thus, and this is what is extraordinary, in our dreams and in everyday life, we encounter the exact characteristics of the Angel invoked. By paying attention to our dreams and to the situations we experience, we can recognize in them the contents of the list presented here. This allows us to consciously participate in the work the Angel is doing.

By: Kaya

Kaya is the author of the internationally best-selling The Book of Angels: The Hidden Secrets, and the co-founder of a seven-year-old non-profit organization that publishes spiritually-moving works, Universe/City Mikael (UCM) Publishing. Please consult or for more information.

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