Sunday, November 9, 2008

You Don't Need a Spell to Become a Witch With Powers

By A. Bachman

You don't become a witch with a spell, and you certainly don't need a spell to become a witch with powers. You become a witch by practicing that way of life, and you become a witch with powers by practicing that way of life a lot and by developing a connection to the world and the energy forces around you.

Forget about a spell to become a witch with powers, start learning and start applying. Far to many people get into witchcraft and wicca hoping to find some magic spell that will give them everything they want and wish for. This is no different than a child wishing he or she would get this or that for Christmas or their birthday without doing anything to get that thing they desire. I hate to break it to you, but if you want to become a powerful witch, a spell to become a witch with powers will only disappoint you.

Start by taking the time to study. Get a good education about what being a witch really means. Start learning and following the precepts of witchcraft, or wicca, or what ever denomination of paganism you wish to follow. As you start to apply these principles and concepts in your daily life, you will begin to grow in power naturally.

Power and powers have nothing to do with strength or magically making things appear at will. That is childish movie non-sense. Power and powers have to do with your wisdom and understanding of the natural world and the universe. By practicing rituals and developing a deeper understanding of the natural energy and power within those things around you, you will become a powerful witch with wisdom. A spell to become a witch with powers is foolish, and it's an attempt to find an easy way to short cut the necessary work.

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