Friday, December 26, 2008

Astrology Moon Sign Lookup

By Matthias Zeitler

In astrology moon sign is of great significance as it is related to the inner self of a person that is the instincts, emotions, reactions and habits of a person. The moon sign is clearly indicated in the horoscope according to the time and date of birth. Normally most of the people consult their sun signs when they refer to their horoscopes but are not aware of the importance of the moon sign in their horoscope. People often discuss that the predictions which are made according to their zodiac signs do not tally with their normal character traits and the predictions are false.

This is because normally the sun sign character traits does not change and remain the same for a long time. Whereas very few people are aware of the importance of the moon sign which plays a vital role in that total development of a person's personality. According to astrologers the moon sign occupies an important place which is as valuable as the sun sign when the placement according to the zodiac readings is made in the astrology chart of a person. The prediction of the moon sign totally depends on the time and date of birth.

According to the astrological charts the moon is said to have a planetary cycle which is considered to be fastest amongst the movements of all the other planets. That is why the moon sign is calculated according to the measurement of degrees, seconds and minutes. Most of the astrologers round off the calculation of moon sign placement in the astrology chart into degrees and minutes for their own convenience. Astrologers believe that the moon sign projects that part of a person's personality which is hidden.

The moon's placement in the birth chart also affects the sensory organs that are the sense of taste, smell, hearing, sight and touch. The moon sign also has total control over the emotions of a person which includes hate, jealousy and rage which are normally not displayed openly by a person but is an integral part of his personality. This is the place where each individual develops his own characteristic traits which differentiates him from the other person. Astrologers opine that the changes in the sun sign takes place once in a month whereas moon signs change in two and half days.

That is why it is very common to find people with the same zodiac sign having common sun sign traits but vary in their aptitude and attitude as it is affected by the placement of the moon sign during their birth. So if a person wants to obtain a clear picture about the predictions of his future in the astrology chart he has to take into consideration the moon sign along with the sun sign.

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