Friday, December 26, 2008

Out of Body Experiences - OBE's - What Are They?

By M Deskins

Out of body experiences, also known as OBE's, are events when the mind is allegedly separated from the body. It is said that during an out of body experience, the consciousness or "soul" exits the body for a certain period of time----usually no longer than a few minutes. Some believe that an out of body experience gives us an idea of what our death will be like someday, except that with an OBE, we at least return to our body and continue living.

Those skeptic of the idea of a "soul" or of "consciousness being separated from the body", believe that an OBE is only a trick of the mind, so to speak. While it appears that we are floating above our bodies, or even looking down at our bodies as they lie on the floor/bed, skeptics claim that it is all nothing more than an illusion (or delusion) stemming from our own brain.

Experiments and studies are being done often to get to the bottom of such strange phenomena, but there is still no real, objective scientific evidence that the mind can be separated from the brain. Many who have experienced "full blown" out of body experiences believe that they did truly leave their bodies for a short period of time. Some even claim that they can astral travel as well. Astral travel, of course, is the belief that we can "travel" to other worlds and dimensions. The astral world is believed by some to be another plane of existence that exists on a "higher vibrational" level than our own world.

So how do people have out of body experiences? An OBE is usually triggered during times of deep meditation, major stress, and even trauma. Many who have been on their death bed have experienced a full blown OBE which is often referred to as "near death experience." They are always told that it "wasn't their time" and that they must return back to this world.

Sometimes people can purposely trigger an OBE by meditating. One must be very good at meditation, though, in order to experience such powerful benefits from it. Fasting for a couple of days seems to be one way they are able to experience such deep trances.

Out of body experiences are obviously very fascinating. Whether we really separate our minds from our bodies and "float around", or if it's all nothing more than our brain playing tricks on us, an OBE is truly an interesting experience.

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