Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Past Life Recall

By Lisa C Moore

What a controversial subject this is. Then again most of the subjects I am interested in could be classed as rather controversial. Whilst some scientists actually believe that there will soon be a time when they will be able to flash an infants past lives onto a computer screen. Others believe past life recall is memory transferred genetically from generation to generation through what have been called psychogenes.

Prodigies and Cognition are the two main areas that scientists like when investigating Reincarnation/Past Life Recall. I am going to list a few well known examples of each over the next couple of articles. Take your time, read them through, think about them and then let me know what you think.

How come one person is born a genius and another a boob; one is born beautiful and another ugly; one is born healthy and one crippled;? The concept of rebirth on earth, perhaps after an interval occupied by the individual in distilling out of memories of a life just ended such wisdom as his reflective powers enabled him to extract, would enable us to believe there is justice in the universe" C J DUCASSE (French Philosopher, born 1881)
Prodigies Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - At four years of age this world-famous composer of the eigtheenth century wrote minuets, a piano concerto and a sonata. his compositions at ths age were not only technically accurate but also extremely difficult. At seven he composed a full-length opera.

Jean Louis Cardiac - Born in 1719, this French wonder child was able to repeat the alphabet when just three months old. At three years, he could read Latin, and at four, he could translate the language into either French or English. He died in Paris at the age of seven.

Giannella de Marco - On March 12, 1953, Giannella, an eight year old Italian girl, conducted the London Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall, London, in works by Weber, Haydn, Wagner and Beethoven. A review in The Times said: 'She plies a clear, generous beat and plainly has the music at her finger-ends. There is an unnerving maturity in her intellectual accomplishment....' The London concert appearance was the one-hundred and twenty-third of her career, which began at the age of four.

John Stuart Mill - The English philosopher-economist who lived from 1806 to 1873 knew Greek at three years of age and at six years, could read Xenophon, heradotus, Aesop and Lucian.

Jose Capablanca - A Cuban prodigy who, by the age of four, was already a brilliant chess player. He seldom lost a game even when playing against experts who had spent years perfecting their moves. He went on to become world champion and died in 1942.

Raymond De Felitta - In Los Angeles in 1971 Frank De Felitta and his wife Dorothy suddenly heard fantastic rag-time music coming from inside their house. They quickly ran inside to see what was happening. They came to an abrupt halt when they witnessed their 6 year old son, Raymond, effortlessly running his hands up and down their piano keyboard, which before now he had never attempted to play. 'Daddy, my fingers are doing it by themselves - isn't it wonderful' exclaimed the young Raymond. His mother, Dorothy, screamed and refused to go anywhere near him. Whilst his father, Frank, had an unaccountable surge of anger.

Raymond went on to be recognized throughout the United States for his accomplished playing, which veers toward the Jazz style of Fats Waller, who died in 1945. From never even experimenting with the piano, as most young children do, all of a sudden here was a six year old Raymond playing like a professional for up to 5 hours a day. Raymond de Felitta still plays Jazz on the piano and is also a successful screenwriter and director.

Did you know that the original meaning behind the word 'education' originally meant 'to draw from that which already was known.' 'knowledge easily acquired, is that which the enduring self had in an earlier life, so that it flows back easily..' PLATO's Theory of Reminiscence

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