Sunday, January 25, 2009

Awesome Levitation Magic Tricks

Who doesn’t love a good levitation trick? Everyone recalls “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board” but that was barely a working trick. There are many other levitation-styled magic tricks that are still used and even perfected today. All those tricks range from the levitating of a unique, small item, to the levitation of large groups of people. All of which are made to be awesome magic tricks that amaze anyone who takes the time to watch.

One very easy levitation magic trick is called “Cup Levitation”. The object of this magic trick is to appear to make a styrofoam cup float in mid air. First you must prepare your cup for its upcoming trick by carefully putting a hole, about the size of your thumb, in the side of your cup. To make it even simpler on yourself start doing this trick with a Styrofoam cup so that you can easily press your thumb through the one side. Announce to your audience that you are now going to have a cup float in mid air. Insert your thumb into the hole discreetly while holding the cup with both hands and face your audience. Continue by behaving as if you are driving “pure magic” towards the cup with your hands so that it will float. Then, slowly free your grip so that your thumbs are well out of sight behind the cup and it appears like your hands are sprawled open behind the cup. Make sure you persist in the playing as if flowing magic towards the cup thus making it float. There you go, awesome magic tricks can be very simple.

Always remember that you are not attempting an impossible feat, instead you are creating the illusion that you are successfully performing an impossible action. Levitation tricks are of the most known and awesome magic tricks in our life today. Many are still marveled by the levitation tricks and many always will be.

Another easy levitation illusion that is one of the more awesome magic tricks out there nowadays is called “Ketchup Levitation Trick”. This illusion is very simple, easy to do, and requires minimal props. For this illusion to work you will need a clear plastic bottle, such as a water or soda bottle, and a condiment packet of ketchup, like the ones you find in the drive through at a fast food place. Scrape the label off of the bottle so that your audience can see clearly through it. Fill Up that bottle with cold water and place the packet inside the bottle. It should continue floating at the top. Hold the base of your bottle and softly press. When you are pressing the packet should float down and when you are releasing the packet should move up. Presto! You have performed the awesome magic trick of making ketchup float!

Now that you know some basic principles of the art of levitation you should practice a bit and show off your new skills to all of your friends!

By: Bob Carmine

Bob Carmine is a semi-pro magician that performs at birthday parties and corporate events. He loves to bring fun to everyone and also really likes to teach the art of magic. You can earn more about Levitation Magic Tricks at his site at

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