Friday, January 23, 2009

Feng Shui - Its All About Color Choices

By: Vernon Z. Cole

Colors can change the mood of any person. Colors can change the mood and ambience of any room – be it home or office as well. Good luck seems to just flow from the right or best color choice. It is similar to choosing the color of a new car. The same car to the same person can well seem miles apart when viewed in different color choices and shades by friends, family and neighbors.

In a similar manner the same room or area can seem bigger, smaller, warmer or less inviting all by color choices. Similarly the use of simple mirrors or even shiny surface wall coverings or paint can greatly enhance the apparent size of any area.

In Feng Shui, the compass points have particular colors associated with them. Ideally of course the main color of a room should be the one that complements the direction that it faces. You do not have to use the color in its primary state – red yellow and blue- you can use the tones that are more suited to your personal taste and the particular space or area in question - be it home ,office , condo apartment or even hotel or motel rooms. Or hospitality banquet facilities.

If for instance your bedroom faces east, it will catch the warm morning sun. No mater what the color of the room. At night of course, you will want the room to be restful, so it would be wise to choose the blue/green colors of the east which are associated with the element wood.

If you find that you do not like the color or colors associated with a particular orientation, then you can always choose a more neutral color for the walls and use “Feng Shui” colors as accents in soft furnishings and ornaments. Black accents. for example, combine well with natural tones.

Color can be used as a remedy in Feng Shui when you are not physically able to change the layout of a room. For instance, to make the qi flow more slowly in a study or hotel hospitality facilities you should use yin colors like cool blues and greens.

Rooms facing in northward directions in the northern hemisphere ( the U.S. , Canada and Mexico as opposed to the Southern Hemisphere of Australia, New Zealand and South America) , will be cool and thus benefit from the Yang of warm red colors and color shades , whereas those rooms in houses and buildings that are in the Southern Hemisphere - again Australia , New Zealand , South America among other geographic locales , will be warm and are best in cool Yin blue and green colorations.

In the end to a great degree – it’s all about perceptions not so much the absolute location and geography of an abode or business area. At the end of the day, with the correct and full appreciation of the principles, practice of, and applications of Feng Shui principles, the same room or rooms of an abode or building can have the outstanding auras of good luck, good chance and a projected welcome trait.

Feng Shui!

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