Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Forgotten Powers Of Telepathy

The basic definition of telepathy is feeling anothers reactions or thoughts without using what is categorical called the five senses. Telepathy is often referred to as the sixth sense. This allows us to sense things without being face to face with someone.

When we use our minds to convey what we are thinking without speaking is like having another step on a ladder only you can use. It is common knowledge amongst those who work with various variety of animals that some possess a type of telepathy for speaking to each other or conveying thoughts. Some mammals such as whales have been thought to be able to use this to send out messages over miles and miles of ocean.
Some anthropologists are also fully convinced that there are some primitive tribes who today can still use the power of telepathy to communicate with one another.

Even though telepathy is not a widely spoken about, it is not as uncommon as you might think. This used to be a regular occurrence in human behavior. Just as much as what your native tongue or what you look like depends on where and who you are born to, telepathy used to be the same. It is thought that those who do not naturally feel the telepathy, can be trained to remember it again. That most just have a learning problem as someone with dyslexia has a problem with letters and numbers.

But instead, our civilization has mostly lost the telepathic powers that are just as much part of the natural human brain and capabilities as speech, response to music, and the five senses.

Telepathy is in fact linked with the 'sixth sense', sometimes referred to also as the 'third eye'. These two things are not exactly the same thing, but telepathic powers come from that same second nature of human beings and animals.

Many experience telepathy with out even knowing what it is. Do you ever get the heebie jeebies and do not know why? That can be a form of telepathy know as intuition. Have you ever changed a constant routine just because you have a weird feeling about taking your normal route just to find out an accident had happened where you were supposed to be traveling and at the same time as well. This may leave you to wonder if you may have been involved had you kept to your regular route. This is your intuition speaking to your, or your telepathy that there was potential danger.

As we have grown in our cultures, we have lost touch with our telepathic ancestors. Most of do not even recognize our own telepathy. The advent of modern day religions has effectively demonized telepathic powers to the point that the only association they have is with demonic control or with a tool of Satan. There are many new age religions that are becoming more in tune with telepathy however.

Because of the nature of these older religions and the stigma of telepathy, it is hard for some to have any thoughts of telepathy even truly existing. The only faith any more is in specific religious leaders or prophets instead of putting faith in themselves as people.

Because of the celestial quality of formalized religious gods, whether they be Christian, Jewish or Muslim, most of the traditional influential people have nixed the idea of telepathy as it does not fit in with faith of said gods. It is rare, but more modern day theology pursuers are beginning to realize that telepathy may indeed exist.

Scientists have a basic need to be able to explain any event. Because of the elusive nature of telepathy, they do not believe it exists even though many people have had these experiences in their lives. A lot of testing has been done on known telepaths but still the scientific community as a whole has discounted these revelations. They assume there is some type of hoax involved as some of these tests have not been in controlled situations.

Scientists do however agree that we do have a certain instinctual nature as do all creatures in nature. There is a bias when it comes to telepathy however. Since most scientists do not nor will they allow themselves to try and learn to tap into their base telepathic nature, there is no reason for them to change their stance on the subject.

Could it be jealousy on the part of those scientists who cannot exercise their own telepathic abilities so don't want anyone to have them? And could it at other times be labeling a phenomenon as being the more familiar 'instinctive-ness response' when really it was telepathic in nature?

It is hard to say how we lost our original telepathic ability. It may be that with the advancement of men and technology, we lost our need to be more telepathic.

By: E Lucas Cox

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