Sunday, January 4, 2009

Get Understanding About Celtic Tree Astrology

By Matthias Zeitler

The Celtic tree astrology is based on the lunar cycle which involves understanding the cyclic nature of the moon and the year is divided into thirteen months which is also known as the lunar calendar. Each of these months was named after a tree that was believed to be auspicious by the ancient Irish people who followed the Druid religion. The trees that were chosen for naming the months were considered to be sacred because each tree had magical qualities the secret mysteries of which had been taken from the Ogram which is considered to be a Celtic ancient alphabet.

The Celtic people believed that the universe was shaped like a tree whose roots were deep down inside the earth and the top was high up in heaven. The Druid religion which the Celtic people followed was totally based on the belief and awareness of the natural and the supernatural energies. The Druids believed that the spirits which were possessed these energies lived in the selected trees and so the trees were considered to be living entities of the Supreme Being.

This presence of the spirits filled the trees with wisdom and knowledge which was symbolically represented by life, death and renewal and connected to the body, soul and mind of human beings. The thirteen trees that were believed to have these magical qualities were the Willow, Hazel, Oak, Elder, Vine, Ivy, Ash, Hawthorn, Rowan, Birch, Alder, Holly and Reed. The Celtic people lived in Britain, major part of Western Europe and Ireland. The Celtic priests were later replaced by the Romans and then by the followers of Christianity.

Celtic tree astrology is considered to be the most ancient study of astrology which had been developed even before Christianity had been established and Latin and Greek learning had been introduced. The Celtic society believed that the male and female were equal at the females were considered to be the representatives of the spirits which lived in the trees. The Druids also believed that the evolution of mankind that started from the trees which were endowed with the magical qualities due to the spirits residing in them.

In-depth knowledge of the entire Druid culture is not available as it was the Druid custom that nothing should be preserved in writing but all the knowledge should be in the memory and passed on from one generation to another. The Celtic people used Greek and Roman scripts for all their studies in different fields. The runic script was used by them for their sacred writings related to all the religious scriptures. Celtic tree astrology also had the generalized predictions about the future prospects of people who were born under the sign of a particular sacred tree.

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