Friday, January 2, 2009

Psychic Self-Defense - How To Know And Heal Your Aura

By Abhishek Agarwal

Our aura is an energy field or cocoon around our bodies that reflects our overall physical, mental, and spiritual state. Few people can see the aura, though many psychics claim to do just that. Though most of us don't see the aura, we can feel it.

Auras take on many different colors and shapes. An aura is seldom composed of just one color, though it does happen from time to time. Aura colors are like the rainbow - they take on all hues and tints, but they generally range from light silver-to-white in very positive and healthy people to very dark black in truly evil people. We don't control the colors in our aura, but we do control their internal sources through our physical health, mental state, emotional balance, and spiritual growth.

When our aura is weak and shadowy, we are either sick, emotionally upset, psychologically stressed or conflicted, or spiritually poor. When our aura is strong and bright, we are healthy, happy, and spiritually rich. The following guidelines may help you strengthen and maintain a strong positive aura.

* Exercise. A healthy body is one way to strengthen your aura. Keeping physically fit and maintaining a healthy pulse and heart rate keeps you and your aura strong. Strong, healthy blood flow throughout the body can help heal wounds and illnesses and improve your aura.

* Get some fresh air and sunshine. Clean, healthy natural forces are a wonderful fuel for healthy psychological and emotional balance. Getting outdoors, breathing deeply, and feeling the sun on your skin can refresh and re-energize our auras, too.

* Improve your diet. Eating a healthy balanced diet is another way to strengthen you aura. Eaten in moderation, a good balance of the important food groups helps maintain strength and bone structure. But eat only enough to quiet hunger and fuel the body. Overeating can create toxins that weaken, rather than, strengthen a healthy aura.

* Meditate. Meditation is a powerful tool for achieving mental and emotional balance, and it helps us make a stronger connection with our spiritual center. By meditating, we reduce stress and focus our minds and spirits on our most important goals. Meditation cleans and clears both the person and the aura. If you are a religious person, supplement meditation with healing prayer.

* Listen to uplifting music. Music has long been known to have a positive health effect. It reduces stress and frees the mind from the constraints of language. Listening to instrumental music can free your mind and spirit and bring them into a better, more balanced state, thereby strengthening your aura.

* Read sacred texts. Three religious documents contain knowledge and wisdom for the ages that can help you learn who you are and what you want to be. Read one or all of these sacred texts: the Bible, the Qur'an, or the Bagavhad Gita. Your spiritual growth will make your aura stronger and your inner life more rich and rewarding.

* Try aromatherapy. Pleasant fragrances area another way to clear your mind and bring you back to a healthy state, including improving your aura.

* Wear or keep an amulet. Keep a double-terminated quartz near you or on your person to strengthen you aura. It can help activate your consciousness and prevent negative energies from draining your aura of its positive energy.

These remedies will not only strengthen your aura. They will help you maintain a healthy body, a well-balanced mind, a strong happy heart, and a rich spirit. The aura, after all, reflects your condition. The suggestions are not a cure. They're a way to help you channel your inner strengths and build a better outlook on life and other people. They are tools that you must choose and apply to help you reach your personal goals.

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