Friday, January 2, 2009

Reiki Healing. Life Force and Buddhism.

By: Margaret Ann Jones

Reiki, denoting 'Divine Life Force is a wonderful manner of coping with all complications. Mental, Physical and Emotional.
Conventional treatments with there pills and interventions usually have some sort of side affect. Reiki healing comes with no adverse effects whatsoever

With Reiki there are no contradications whatsoever.

The intense relaxation you feel with this type of unconventional remedy is like a light moving across your body. Clearing away every sign of ill health that has been troubling you.

You will see the affects for yourself: Reiki can deal with the troubles in life that both the body and the mind encounter, physically, mentally, and emotionally. When Reiki treatment is applied you can see your stress and anxiety melt away. And when you apply it at home after a busy and tiring day, the pressure of your daily life eases, and you truly relax.

Reiki is able to lighten up both your body and spirit by means of constructive and positive thinking. Reiki therapy is undemanding: just by positioning your hands on or near yourself or a patient, the life force runs from (the one who is channelling Reiki) to the recipient. Simple!

Reiki could be said to have its origins in one of the many Asian religions. Reiki is not a religion.

The most common conception is that Reiki developed as a changed structure of Buddhism. Buddhism stands as one of the oldest beliefs in the world. Some correspondence exists between Buddhism and the Reiki unconventional remedy; The most decisive similarity with Reiki and Buddhism is the profound healing principle of both.

Nonetheless, the creators of Reiki were not Buddhist. They had learned about Buddhism, but they had also studied other beliefs, such as Christianity. While Buddhism is viewed as a religion (albeit one that does not have a God, Reiki is a way of coping with all Ill's and conditions you encounter in this life.

Reiki is a very delicate energy transfer, but exceptionally powerful. In the process, the healing has effect when the therapist puts his or her hands on or above the body. In this way, a relationship takes place between the patient and an immeasurable spring of life energy.

This energy transfer runs through the Reiki practitioner - he/she is the channel, the energy path. The Reiki Healing force is very strong, yet is incredibly soothing and kind to all. You can lead it towards oneself and towards others with complete understanding and faith that it is doing nothing but good.

The healing light/vibration is drawn from the 'Universal Life-Force' and is therefore multi-level. Reiki will awaken your mind, body and spirit to a more relaxed lifestyle.

More relaxation and lots less stress with Reiki.
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