Thursday, January 29, 2009

UFO Abductions

By John Michael White

It was on the night of 5th November 1975 where a team of men were to clear trees in the Apache- Sitgreaves National Park in Arizona. This is where they would encounter an unidentified object. It was described by the men as a golden light around 6 meters across and saucer shaped. One of the men, namely Travis Waltan jumped from the truck and approached the object, while his colleagues were yelling at him to be careful, he was struck by a beam of light which caused him to fall to the ground.

His remaining colleagues fled in panic three of them vowing not to go back into the woods at night. The others returned with the Police to the area, but there was no trace of Travis Waltan, and Sherrif Elison who led the investigation, had noticed one of the men was so distressed and saw him weeping, and so he decided that if they were lying, then they were being be very good actors. Waltan was missing for about 5 days, at which time allegations emerged that one or more of his colleagues had murdered him.

Then Waltan appeared unshaven and untidy outside the town of Snowflake. He recalls he was abducted finding himself being examined by these beings, and on the 10th November after being returned was in a serious emotional state. He avoided the media and the public for several days, and only confided in those whom were close to him. Waltan would then undergo several lie detector tests which had also bought about controversy amongst American UFO groups.

One of several tests was done by a Dr. Rosenbaum, and stated that Waltan was not lying and indeed Waltan truely believed in his encounter. Theoretically dissolving any financial, or fraudulent gain they may have constructed. None of the men involved never ever admitted to taking part in any part of a hoax, which at times if they had, would have made significant financial gains.

So was this a true encounter or a well constructed hoax. The decision is yours, but for me l tend to go more with belief than disbelief. There are so many unexplained happenings of all things that are, but in the end it is what we believe to be true that counts.

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