Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Arnold Schwarzenegger Utilizing the Power of His Horoscope

By Peter Chavell

Actors, Horoscopes and Roles

How often does an actor play a role that matches their horoscope? Is it possible that the best roles for them to play are best detected by a careful examination of their horoscope?

The acting career of Arnold Schwarzenegger provides a good example for testing this proposition. Many of the roles he played were extreme, unusual, high-tech; in fact his most memorable were classics of the science-fiction genre. Nearly all involved physical power and toughness. Also, he managed to project great charisma and the aura of a winner.

Charisma and Fame

Being a Leo gives him a good head start in the charisma stakes and in roles reflecting leadership. When we look at charisma we should always check the placement of Uranus in a horoscope as it relates directly to fame. We find it in his 11th house of the public signifying a higher potential for garnering adulation from the masses.

A significant part of his charisma and appeal is his powerful physique, which is represented by the planet Mars. We find this planet also in the 11th house suggesting a certain fascination with his body by the public! In addition, Mars is beside Uranus suggesting that his fame is strongly linked to his physique.

Science-Fiction Action Man?

Yet this same combination also has the following meanings; technological capabilities, technological physique, physical risk and danger, high adventure involving unusual actions. The planet which best reflects high-tech science fiction is Uranus; combine this with the planet representing the physical body, Mars, and you get a high-tech science-fiction body ... The Terminator!

That part of the horoscope which reflects a person's life path and destiny is also in the 11th house further emphasising the importance to Arnold Schwarzenegger of being in front of an audience. Of course demonstrating how computers work at sales seminars would also fulfill part of the potential indicated in his horoscope.

Why Movies?

The planet Neptune which relates to images and the projection of images (for example movies) links strongly with his core nature, as expressed by the Sun. This points to a strong motivation to be creative especially through the visual arts. Neptune also provides positive support for the "science-fiction physical destiny" indicated earlier.

We also find Venus in the 12th house and in the water sign Cancer adding weight to the desire to get involved in the world of image making. The planet of communication and thinking is also here, and beside Venus; meaning he had a natural proclivity to entertain ideas about making money in the land of images.

Physical Strength

His horoscope indicates that he would have had to work hard to build his physique. Saturn which relates to toughness and self-discipline is under the influence of his core nature, the Sun. Pluto adds its power and tenacity to Saturn; and these two closely combined planets form a strong positive link with image making Neptune. But in addition they project strong and positive support to his endeavours to get in front of the public eye.

Your Role

A horoscope can become many things yet each element of the horoscope is restricted to a given set of meanings. A person can be a successful PowerPoint presentation demonstrator to large groups of people or a science-fiction action hero. Both roles have a lot in common astrologically. The difference between the two may be nothing more than the ability to envisage richer options and choose one. What options does your horoscope offer you?

You can learn more about the fascinating language of astrology by going to and watch the video horoscopes of some of the rich and famous. In the videos you are taken on a detailed walk-through of actual horoscopes by Peter Chavell, who has studied astrology for over 30 years.

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