Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Astrology - If Science Really Has Proved it Wrong, Then Why Are People Still Using It?

By Robert Paterson

Astrology has been around, in one form or another, for many centuries. Despite a great number of attempts to prove it is wrong, astrology still persists in our modern world. Why is this?

Some people have tried to show that astrology cannot be a true science, because it is impossible for the patterns of the stars and constellations to influence events on Earth. Yet astrology is still widely believed, and used by large numbers of people. The scientific community, taken generally, is against it, but there have been some scientists who have spoken out in favour. By far the most celebrated of these was the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung.

Jung was the first to coin the term "synchronicity" to help explain the theoretical basis for astrology as a scientific activity. He agreed that it is impossible for the stars to influence events. But he suggested that underlying forces and influences could produce the patterns in the stars and AT THE SAME TIME could influence the events happening on Earth. Hence the term "synchronicity" which means "at the same time". These underlying influences are undetectable by our instruments, so all we see are the effects of them. When we see the pattern of the stars, and the pattern of events, and we note that they are similar, it is natural to think that one of them is causing the other. But according to Jung, they do not cause each other, they both are themselves caused by something else.

So how does this work? The key to understanding it is to think about patterns. You may have heard of a certain kind of pattern called a "fractal". This is a pattern that repeats itself when magnified. In other words, you see a particular pattern in the fractal, and when you magnify it a hundred times, or a thousand times, you see that the larger pattern is made up of millions of smaller copies of the same pattern. This continues, however deep you go into the fractal, and if you zoom right back out, you still get the same pattern. So this is how the same pattern can appear in the stars, and in the events on Earth at the same time. Because they are component parts of the same fractal pattern happening at the same time, in synchronicity. We cannot see the cause of the fractal because we are inside it, we are ourselves part of the fractal.

The people who believe "scientifically" that astrology does not work, are suffering from a limited world-view. The universe uses underlying forces and influences that we cannot detect to give rise to similar patterns great and small, which share the same characteristics by synchronicity. And that is why astrology works. Find out more at our "Astrology" blog on the link below.

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