Thursday, February 19, 2009

Attract Love and More With These Simple Spells to Cast Yourself

By Alison Yates

Based on White Witchcraft, here are some simple wishing spells to help make your wishes come true. These simple spells will enhance your affirmations and help you improve your life by helping you attract love, attract money, and even lose weight.

These simple spells use only four ingredients, the most important being you. Crystals can be obtained from your local New Age store. (Always take care with candles. Light away from any inflammable material, and never leave them unattended.)

Attract Love & Passion

* Rose Quartz crystal
* Pink Ribbon
* Candle

To attract love and passion in your life. On the evening of a full moon place your candle, crystal and pink ribbon on your bedside table. Before going to bed every night until the next full moon hold your crystal, light your candle and silently meditate your desire. When your crystal becomes warm, blow out your candle. Follow these instructions and your love life will improve.

Lose Weight

* Amethyst crystal
* Candle
* String

Begin by wrapping the string around your waist and tying in a knot. Using scissors snip the string and cut into small pieces and throw away the string. Every day until you reach your goal cleanse your crystal in running water from the tap. Light your candle. Hold the crystal tightly with both hands. Repeat three times an affirmation to stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan.


* Hematite crystal
* Red Ribbon
* Candle

Carefully tie the ribbon around your candle making sure the ends hang down away from the flame. After lighting your candle concentrate on your crystal. Look at your reflection in the crystal and know that you will do what you want to do and not what others tell you to do. Blow out your candle. Repeat this once every day for seven days. After the seventh day cut up the ribbon and throw it away.

Relieve Stress

* Moonstone crystal
* Candle
* Sea Shell

Light your candle and with the shell in your right hand and the crystal in your left imagine a calm sea gently lapping at your toes, picture yourself dissolving each problem one at a time as the waves gently cool your feet. Let this coolness rise up through your body until you are engulfed in calmness.

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