Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dream analysis and dream interpretation

By: Jamie Hanson

All the people in this great world dream while sleeping, generally at night when you are having a quiet and peaceful sleep. Well, there is often a notion in our minds like what do these dreams reveal? What is the importance of our dreams in our life? Many people have tried to understand our dreams through a hypothesis of “Dream Analysis”. The positive effects of dream are that they act as protectors rather than disturbers.

You might often dream about scenery, ocean, scenic beauty, hall, school, paintings, pictures, or even animals like tiger, rat, elephant etc… well any body can dream about anything without boundaries at all. You even have dreams about what has just happened today itself. There are too many things you dream about and each having some or the other purpose hidden in it, for example,

If you dream about an animal, it reveals your own personality according to the animal dreamt in your dreams.

Automobiles in your dream indicate that you are leading your life ahead, or the condition of the vehicle reveals your health. Depending on the type of vehicle and the place where you ride is (in the openness or in conjusted dirty lanes) shows how good or bad the dream is and what is stored in future for you.

A child in your dream depicts liveliness, difference and joy in your life. Your innocence is revealed if you see a child in your dream.

Buildings or monuments or any particular place in your dream reveals a working relation with that place like an office seen in your dream is the place where you spend lot of your day time, or a bathroom shows your concern towards cleanliness etc..

Death of your cousin or your dear one or any of your friends seen in your dreams show some great change is going to take place in your life just as death changes everything in your life.

Dreaming about any person or a great celebrity reveals your inner feelings to reach to that stage in your life, it also depicts your own personal features exposed from the person dreamt about.

You can also dream about surroundings like passing by a narrow tunnel which reveals frustration in your life and going through a meadow, gets all the pleasure of your life….

The very common dream is about nudity in which there are several elucidations. You might dream that you are walking to your office, or riding a car without your clothes which reveals your tensions or worries might be exposed. Dreaming about nudity where only you are conscious of indicates your doubts and qualms are exposed where no one else is disturbed about your worries. Dreaming about your nakedness for which you are embarrassed shows tensions and embarrassment. Nakedness in dream simply implies that someone might know your secrets and you may be exposed to the world. Nakedness also reveals your truthfulness, confidence and liberty where you dream that you are nude and not at all worried about the world around you.

These are some interpretations, but there are a lot more elucidations depending on what you dream. But then it is strongly advised not to take the dreams and their interpretations too seriously as it might affect your self-reliance and daily performances.

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