Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Earth Ritual In Pagan Magick

Although we have been taught that the earth is insensible, wicca and witchcraft teach us that the earth is vibrantly alive; and can soothe us, heal us, and give us a sense of unconditional and complete acceptance. The earth can protect and nurture us even more than human mothers, being human, can possibly do. We have been taught to feel like the world is against us, as if we were aliens struggling against a hostile environment which we must subdue or be subdued by. But this is very, very false: the earth loves us and would like to take us to her breast and cuddle us, if we only would make the effort to reach out and accept her love. This is simply a matter of acknowledging that the earth is alive and sentient, and even capable of communicating with us; and also acknowledging our debt to her daily and thank her for her gifts to us. An easy and enjoyable way for the practitioner of pagan magick to do this is to perform a simple earth ritual on a daily basis. The best times to do this are dawn or sunset, but if this is not possible do it at whatever time is convenient. Go to a place in nature (if this is possible); remove all your clothing (if this is possible); and prostrate yourself on the ground with your arms stretched out above your head, pointing in the sun’s direction. Then, breathe out to exhale all your frustrated, angry, depressed, or other negative feelings into the earth where they are buried; and on the inhalations absorb the soothing, healing earth’s energy. Let it fill your body with its warmth when you breathe in, and dispel the negative energy when you breathe out. When you have calmed down, thank the earth and kiss her; and know that you came from the earth, and you will return to the earth again.

Even if nothing special happens while you do this exercise, just keep on plugging away with it. At some point, some time, you will realize that the earth is talking to you. This may come either as thoughts or feelings. Indeed, any thoughts or feelings you have while doing this exercise in a relaxed state of mind are probably messages from the earth. Wicca and witchcraft entail being open and willing to fly with intuition. Some naturally psychic people are able to pick the thread up the first time they do the ritual. However, most of us have to perform the ritual – like all pagan magick – on faith for a while until a clear intuitive – telepathic communications link with the earth is established. Then the earth will give you instructions herself, and tell you what you should do. You will just know it.

One thing she may direct you to do is to gaze. You do this by crossing your eyes very slightly but still keeping them relaxed. Then calm down your thoughts and stare without focus at whatever most attracts your attention in your field of vision. You don’t necessarily look directly at it but rather to one side, as you do to see things at night. The earth can provide you with all kinds of information this way. If you perform the earth ritual at dawn, try to gaze at the vapor which arises from the earth early in the morning, since these vapors are full of messages.

By: Bob Makransky

Since all pagan magick practitioners have very different experiences with the earth ritual, about all that can be said is to prepare yourself for a surprise! The only trick to making wicca and witchcraft work is patient continuance of the same ritual act until the desired result is obtained.

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