Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kumalak - Divination From Stone Age to Date

By Tolga Savas


Have you ever heard what kumalak divination is? as you know divination field covers a wide range of subjects. From tarot cards to coffee cup readings to astrology our fascination to interpret signs to predict events or maybe to know things more in depths has always made us curious. From ancient times to date metaphysics and divination have been around, always open for debate, the dedicated practitioners of divination methods have always been put through vigorous tests, just like a student who sits for an university exam who needs his answers to be accurate, divination practitioners of all times withstood the test of time. And almost all cultures have a form of divination. Now we will look at the ever ancient and unchanged knowledge of Kumalak divination also known as the mirror of destiny.

Kumalak is a divination system similar to tarot, but it is a form of geomancy, it has origins to shamanic nomads who live on the mountainous regions of Kazakhstan, it can also be seen in practice by peoples of northern India, Siberia and Kyrgyzstan, all of these cultures were once at the center of ancient world trade, which was also known as the silk road; connecting east and west to north and south, thus exchanging cultural ideas and also wisdom and spiritual knowledge as well, this can be the reason that it is found throughout this region. Kumalak divination is also getting recognition by western divination communities, for its accuracy and supremacy as far as tools for divining is concerned.

Here's the interesting facts of Kumalak divination, because these regions have been inhabited since the stone age, Kumalak divination is believed to date back to this era, and shamanic cultures of these regions actually believe, that it dates back to their most distant ancestors, although similarly to tarot history the exact date of birth for this knowledge is not 100% clear, but we need to realize that shamanic cultures hold on to their way life resisting the change to modern ways of living, these cultures can be seen living in the same manner of their ancestors, though not in caves anymore they now prefer transportable large dome like tents "which are called yurt". If we were to use our reason and realize that if a person needs to be initiated by the shaman elders to be able open Kumalak divination, then perhaps the same knowledge of millions of years of past history must still be the same today.

Knowledge of this divination was never written or hidden nor translated. Kumalak knowledge passes down to successive generation by elders through teaching and initiation. This is a fact, therefore Kumalak can be said to be the most original authentic and earliest form of divination on earth that we know of.

Kumalak divination is very complex to simply explain it here but let me give you basic information; reading is usually done with 41 beads although there are other methods (such as 7 bead spread) this requires different levels of attainment of wisdom. After sorting 41 Kumalak beads the reader is left with nine piles and in these piles you might have either 1, 2, 3 or for beads, and each bead will represent an element of nature such as number one for fire and number two for water and number three for wind and number four for earth elements. Also each pile will correspond with human parts such as eyes (for view point) hands for actions movement and feet for destinations, also heart and mind. The nine pile spread is put in order to also get insights for past present and future by interpreting the nature aspects which correspond with a person or persons.

Kumalak is not simply a fortune telling method as some people suggest, those who suggest it to be fortune telling simply do not know much about Kumalak divination, perhaps they simply read something about it and believe the information found to be true without further studying it, this would definitely offend the shamanic elders of eastern parts of our world. Those who are in the know of Kumalak divination; know that it is a way to glimpse at life from a spiritual point of view, by summoning the ancestral spiritual guides to get guidance for life also events and happenings. Have you ever had Kumalak readings before?

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