Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Life Is But A Dream - Find Your Dream's Real Meaning

Our fascination with dreams is as old as human identity. Dreams represent a world existing on another level of consciousness, common to all, yet still completely individual. Dreams reflect one’s most personal thoughts and feelings, often so private, they are hardly known even to the dreamer.

The study of dreams crosses many disciplines: psychology, neurology, sleep science, symbology. Sigmund Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams brought the study of dreams into the world of mainstream scientific examination. Carl Jung followed with another perspective on dreams and symbols, reinforcing the acceptance of the concept that our dream state is a meaningful reflection of our waking psyche. While scientists and psychologists have somewhat recently come to this understanding of the dream connection between the conscious and the unconscious mind, psychics have always considered dreams to be a means of communication between metaphysical worlds, linking the past to the future, the known to the unknown, or the real to the unreal.

"The soul in sleep gives proof of its divine nature; for when free and disengaged from the body, it has a foresight of things to come."
- Cicero

Rhyanna Regan is the director of "Your Psychic World", the source of Free Online Psychic Readings. She has written various articles on Tarot Cards and Love and Relationships, among others.

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