Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mythology of the Taurus Bull

By Joseph Gambit

Taurus actually refers to a star constellation that has been identified as having the appearance of a bull, by a variety of civilizations at different times in history. This has led to the rise of a wide assortment of bull myths and religious tales in different areas throughout the world.

The actual myth associated with Taurus is tied into a series of stories that originated in and around the region of the Greek peninsula. The specific name Taurus is a reference to a snow white bull form that was taken on by Zeus.

Zeus had fallen in love, or lust, with Europa, a famously beautiful princess of Phoenicia. When he approached her however, with his amorous intentions, he was rejected by the princess and sent away. Not one to be denied his pleasures, Zeus took on the form of a gorgeous snow white bull, and came to the princess while she was relaxing in the garden with her attendants.

When she saw the bull she was delighted, and she immediately ran over to pet its back. Enjoying the animal so much, she even hopped up on the bulls back for a ride. This is when Zeus seized his opportunity, speeding off with her in tow, leaping into the ocean, and swimming all of the way to the island of Crete.

On Crete, Zeus revealed his true identity, and gave her a variety of magical gifts. This was too much for the princess, and she was overwhelmed by his passionate desires. She later went on to become the first queen of Crete.

This bull has also been associated with the myth of the Minoan Bull, and the Minotaur, probably because they all take place around the island of Crete.

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