Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Path Of Spiritual Enlightenment With Self Realization

By: Prema Baba Swamiji

Spiritual enlightenment is a universal subject and quite difficult to define. It actually refers to the concept of self realization which can be achieved by years of dedication, meditation and spiritual growth. Self realization is a hindu concept of looking into ones's innerself. The concept of 'self' is more important which helps people think about something that is beyond their body and physique. It is important to realize that there is something else- something more than our body or brain power that guides us. When one attains self realization it removes the fear of death from the mind. A person who attains self realization knows that the mind or atma never dies-it is the body that loses its vibrancy and deteriorates with the passing of time.

Self realization is difficult to attain and in order to attain this bliss an individual has to master meditation and yoga. Spiritual growth is a part of attainment of what many refer to as God Realization. It is a common belief that to get peace you need to concentrate and follow the principles set by your religion or the teachings of our religious idols. This is true, but you need to attain spiritual enlightenment and spiritual growth to rise above the rest. You need to concentrate on your ownself and wash out the feelings of greed, jealousy, anxiety, frustration and lust. You need to realize that material things do not and will never control us. You need to be enlightened on your real self.

If you wish to sum up spiritual enlightenment you can say that when an individual learns something very deeply and gets involved in the subject, the subject sinks inside the heart and becomes a very important part of the individual. If this state can be achieved which is profound and true, it is referred to as spiritual enlightenment. But this is not easy. There are many who claim to have achieved enlightenment, but is it so easy? Self realization or attaining spiritual enlightenment is not possible without the blessings of a spiritual leader and spiritual counselor. Today, spiritual counseling has become quite important and many individuals are resorting to it, to attain heights of spiritual growth. No matter how old you and how educated you are spiritual counseling is beneficial for all individuals. Once you are under the guidance of your spiritual teacher you realize how immaterial some material cravings are. Individuals who attain spiritual growth have drastic changes in their self being. Their belief system changes and so with it their actions and goals.

There are many nervous minds and tensed people who are frustrated and exhausted with the daily routines and anxieties of life. They seek God realization to attain a little peace and this is when their journey to spiritual growth starts. The inner thoughts, fears and desires are all transformed. Everything changes your life. Patience, tolerance and peace are all part of spiritual growth and enlightenment. Spiritual counseling helps people to know the best ways to live a life, how to feel better and satisfied with all God has provided us and how to tackle greed, jealousy and untruths of life.

Prema Baba Swamiji is an internationally recognized all faiths minister and author of spiritual self help articles. Today, spiritual counseling has become quite important and many individuals are resorting to it, to attain heights of spiritual growth.

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