Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Simple Ways to Become Telepathic

By Trevor Johnson

Telepathy is the process by which one person can read another person's thoughts. They can be any two people but the power to be telepathic is not inborn; you can also develop it with a little practice. We can also say that telepathy means transmission of thoughts between two persons .

It is a fun thing when you think about it but it needs a lot of practice to do. And of course, you should be able to communicate with your telepathy partner. It's not a good idea to take spend your time searching through someone else's as everyone mind is private and personal. You may learn things that you do not want to know and which are private.

If you want to learn telepathy, you should also be able to understand the body language of the opposite person in the right way. There are several ways to become telepathic. And a few examples are-

Try playing question-answer games. You can have more than two people playing this game. Ask a question to all the present members. Everybody will pick an answer in their mind. But you will easily be able to guess the answer made by your best friend as you know her so well and you have her as your telepathy partner. In this process of learning telepathy, you do not need to force your mind to make an educated guess. Once you have practiced a lot, then your mind will start working itself by making educated guesses.

Some Steps to Develop Telepathy:

1) You need to practice meditation or relaxation techniques daily. A few common relaxation techniques involve the process of relaxing by slowly lying down; and tensing and relaxing each and every muscle from top to toe.

2) Another thing you need to do is to meditate daily. This will make your mind relaxed. Sit on one chair having your legs crossed in a comfortable way. Just focus on your breathing .Soon your mind will begin to wander and you start thinking again. But clear your mind and you will be totally relaxed in a few minutes.

3) Another method is to lie down very quietly and think that you are at some other place. Choose any place and name it your dream place. Meditate for some time in your favorite dream place and than come back to the present.

4) Once you've become familiar with the process, try it out on a trusted friend. This friend must be a close friend of yours or its not going to work. Tell him to think of something either color or word. Try this process every day and soon you will become telepathic.

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