Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sources of Astrology

By Maitreyee Chowdhury

Since the very early ages man has been intrigued and influenced in various ways by astrology. Through the centuries, there have been both rebellions regarding the acceptance of astrology as an actual science. While astrology lovers might rejoice in the fact that astrology has now been accepted world wide the study of the same still remains shrouded much in mystery given its nature and fascination in various quarters of the world. Our discussion here traces the study and growth of astrology and how people throughout generations have been affected by it.

Simply defined, astrology may be said to be the study of the various positions of planetary bodies keeping in mind the belief that the movements of these bodies have the capacity to influence the life of human beings. You could use astrology to help you in different ways. While astrology is not to be confused with fortune telling, it can in fact help you identify behavioral patterns that are causing damage to your chances of success and a happy life. Astrology in fact forewarns you of challenges you may face and hence helps you tackle them firmly and in a better manner. It also helps us in determining that there is a sense of timing necessary for every work to be done.

It is commonly believed that the origins of astrology lie with the Greeks. Actually there are several versions to this story While Indians are of the belief that astrology originated in India due to the mention of astrological study in the Rig veda, (Indian scriptures), Egyptians are of the belief that the study of astrology originated in Egypt. However the beginnings of actual astrological study can be traced back to the Old Babylonian period, around the second millennium.

While most ancient civilizations have had a history of their men worshipping the elements like the Sun, Moon, Water and the elements, one does find the traces of the beginning of any astrological study beginning with such worship. Whether it was the Greeks during the fifth and the fourth centuries BC or the Sumerians, who settled in Mesopotamia about 4000 BC, the contributions to astrology and its study have been made and influenced minds through out the world.

Around the time of AD 500, the study and interest in astrology diminished to some However it was brought about to the western world by Albumasar, a Muslim intellectual. After this phase the interest and studies in astrology have again revived.

Astrology as a study and as a subject by itself has fascinated men not to mention even scientists like Plato, Pythagoras, Leucippus and Aristotle. The study and quest for astrology continues till today in various countries. It has varied influences on different people. There might have been many things that have come to the fore in such studies over time, though the fact remains that this genre of studies and its fascination over men continue to rule as it did centuries ago.

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