Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Thought of Extraterrestrial Life

By Jay B.

I decided to write this article based on a few reactions I have encountered with some friends on the thought that extraterrestrial life may be possible. Some agreed with me, stating that it is possible, while others thought I was talking crazy. I put together this article because I just wanted to explain the negative and lunatic image that the thought of extraterrestrials have. Maybe this can clear a few things up.

Before I started heavily researching into extraterrestrial life for the website, I had the same image that many others have today. Whenever I heard the word "UFO" or saw documentaries on TV, I would almost immediately say "Wow, what a load of crap" because the thought of it is just insane. Now to make things clear, I am not 100% sure that extraterrestrial life exists. I am just beginning to accept some information that I have found about these other life forms.

In my opinion, there are two reasons why the thought of extraterrestrial life seems crazy, 1) The government has done a heck of a job in covering it up, allowing us to have a normal life with no interference whatsoever 2) The image that investigators and witnesses give simply give in to the government's wanting of a bad and hoax-like image towards extraterrestrials. There is without a doubt a lot of organizations that do give off a very negative image because of the insanity they may seem to possess. Most researchers and investigators may give you that creepy feeling every time they mention the word alien. There are no normal witnesses, or your average Joes, on the news saying that they have recorded some footage of a potential UFO sighting.

If it is certain that extraterrestrial life does exist, the government has done one heck of a job covering it up. Famous incidents like Roswell have been covered up tremendously although some pieces of information has been leaked out. Many of the articles that we write on this site are backed by somewhat credible evidence. The Disclosure Project, is hundreds, maybe even thousands of members, high-ranking officials in the government who feel that they have the need to come out and tell the people the truth. I can see how one can be skeptical if just one guy came out claiming to be part of the government's black projects and listing a whole bunch of random data but those that are involved in this Disclosure Project are guaranteed high-ranking government officials from all parts of the government. Read my interview with a official from the Disclosure Project here to find out more about this. Believe it or not, potential UFO sightings have been increasing in number rapidly in the past few years. The reason you may not read about it in your local newspaper is because the thought of extraterrestrial life is still considered insane.

Now, one may wonder, why would the government cover it up? It is necessary that the government cover it up in any way that they can because if you woke up for work one morning and found out that we are not alone, I'm sure you would not be taking that in a good way. The best way to handle this situation is to not officially disclose it, but release bits and pieces of information for the people to put together themselves to prevent mass riots. No matter what the news says, there is always someone out there who can take it a negative way. Aliens have been given a malicious image. Many movies have labeled them as "killers" when we are not officially sure what their reason for contacting us is if they do exist. There are pros and cons for government disclosure of aliens which I will explain in a later article.

By writing this article, I did not mean to criticize or judge anyone, I'm just trying to state the facts because we as humans are one and if there is another life force out there, who knows, and they have malicious intentions, it's us against them. We have a duty to inform our fellow citizens.

I want to thank all of our readers so far and we look forward to writing more for you in the future!

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