Monday, February 2, 2009

Within Astrology And Divination

By raphnix cruz

If you don't know yet, Astrology was first recognized as a study than astronomy. In fact, the latter was just a separate noesis of astrology so that scientist can use the field later in a more integrated platform or through scientific preferences. Likewise, most astronomers are more known to be fanatics of celestial peculiarities that are best explained through cognitive reasoning by professional astrologers.

From wikipedia's definition, astrology is a group of systems, traditions, and beliefs in which knowledge of the apparent relative positions of celestial bodies and related details is held to be useful in understanding, interpreting, and organizing information about personality, human affairs, and other terrestrial matters, there stated that organizing information can come up to a perceptive logical explanation about human personality, behavior and so on. This formal definition of the term also was conceived through the ancient knowledge that stars, planets, and other extra-terrestrial matters has strong association with every event held in a planet especially Earth.

Prehistoric stories also stated that past astrologers were the first man to be considered as genius as they only put themselves and their time into understanding each changes happening at the sky especially at night. They were the common advisers of kings and emperors in making decisions regarding agricultural involutions such as harvest time or livestock breeding season. They were also popular in making decision as of which year or season would be the best for marriage, coupling, or for any related community events and celebrations. They are sometimes called as the wise man of the ancient knowledge and magic and time.

Because the study doesn't die down after thousands of years, it become more and more truthful to the understanding of the common people. It's perfect match to the human craving for astronomy and for the answer for the familiar question “what's beyond the sky and space”, give more value for believing of the concept of divination through Star Signs. It's like how we can value Math because we use numbers while astrology signifies life and what's ahead. It's more than knowing the daily news but learning what could be in the news.

Try for example of the possible effects of the findings about the cycle of the mythical Mayan Calendar called Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. From the point of view of some skeptics, it would be just some other day of some regular months and years. But for astrologers and historians, it signifies something from the planet positional charts through the symbolic patterns of events that we might know and experience. Even though the thirteenth number has some bad reputation from the Bible and from other feng shui experts, it doesn't mean that the stern coming of the said date would mean total disasters. Some readings of astrology says that the world might end something during that date. Which, positively thinking, doesn't necessarily mean some apocalypse which what we have in mind.

Astrologers don't just spontaneously declares something without further analyzing and studying all aspect of astrology including numbers. Otherwise, some astrologers might disagree and end up into further debates of points and chart interpretation. That's why astrology and divination requires in-depth knowledge and degrees of analyzing natal charts before some official publication because they might end up supporting a false prediction which is bad not only for the astrologer but also for the whole field of astrology.

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