Monday, March 23, 2009

Recognizing Your Psychic Ability

Everybody has psychic abilities; in reality, we all have psychic experiences daily. Being psychic isn't about having some weird capabilities that one can only be born with. Lots of people simply do not have the term to put into words what they are experiencing as "psychic experiences". There are a few legends that are about the ability to use our own psychic information.

The problem is, not everyone has the keys to unlock these secrets. The cosmos works in mysterious ways and only a selected few have been able understand some of these secrets. These people are the ones who have recognized and put to use their psychic abilities. As for the skeptics, know that genuine psychics do indeed exist. And they are among us.

Many people feel and recognize that they have psychic capabilities. What they do not understand is the only difference between being psychic and using your intuition is the level of trust you have that your intuition is correct. Trust is a major part when working with your psychic capabilities. One must trust the information that is coming through - the feelings, the inner communication, the footage and the gut instinct. By not trusting, you are essentially invalidating the information that is coming through to you as part of your psychic ability.

Our conscious mind relays information to us, just as our subconscious mind does too. At times, it might be overpowering for our conscious minds to process each detail of every event that has taken place in your past and present, so the mind allows unneeded information to slide unobserved into this giant storage library – the subconscious.

If the subconscious is jogged by need or by visualization or relaxation, the subconscious will release back to the conscious mind the required and useful information. Your conscious mind will be more amenable to listening to these impulses if it is given an incentive to listen. If it accepts and understands the reasonability of listening to your intuition, it'll do so much more simply. This is what is termed as psychic ability, and is how you can recognize your psychic senses.

There are different psychic experiences. As you confirm each psychic experience you have, you will find that you experience some thing this once, yet the next time, you could have a very different experience.

Trust that each of these experiences is true for you. It must be noted that working with your intuition is extraordinarily experiential. It is not something that you can just read from a book. It is something that must be experienced first hand, confirmed, and then practiced and refined.

Do you always have intuitions that turn out to be true? Do you foresee things before it happens, but you don't know what to do it about it? Perhaps you have that special psychic ability. Do you want to recognize your psychic ability and put your psychic senses to good use? Learn how to develop your psychic powers here! Visit for a complete guide on how to develop your psychic ability and powers!

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Riverwolf, said...

I don't think I'm particularly psychic, but I am learning to respond more to my gut, my feelings, my intuition--and the experience is quite rewarding. And feels more authentic, frankly, than just relying on rational thinking alone.