Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Types of Psychic Abilities

By Eric Clemmer

There are several types of psychic abilities. Some are gained through years of experience, while others can be learned pretty quickly. Everybody has "psychic powers" but many have ignored their sixth sense for so long that they have all but forgotten. One's psychic ability is like a muscle in that if you don't use it, it will atrophy, but if you do use it often it will grow powerful and can help guide you through life.

The different types of psychic abilities are very diverse. Tarot card reading is done by observing the symbols on the tarot cards as they are displayed. Tarot card reading is one of the psychic abilities that does require experience to get good at it. My tarot card reader has been doing reading's since she was very young. She comes from a family of active psychics. I feel confident with her psychic ability because of the fact that she has so much experience.

Another type of psychic ability, one that requires little practice is using a pendulum. Just in case you don't know what a pendulum is, it is a crystal or any pointed object that is attached to a string that is typically 4-6 inches long. It is held between the the thumb and the tip of the index finger. With tarot card reading you can ask all kinds of different questions, but with pendulum divination you ask yes or no questions and depending on which way the pendulum rotates you get your answer. It can be very fun and also very helpful.

Numerology is another type of psychic ability that takes very little experience to get a general reading, but that takes years of experience to master it. Why is numerology used? People find it to be very insightful in respect to their deeper personality. All numbers in numerology are broken down into the prime numbers, 1-9, for example to break 33 down into its prime number you would go 3+3=6. 6 would be the prime number of 33(for another example 68 would be broken down like 6+8=14, then you would have to break 14 down which equals 5, because 1+4=5). So all the prime numbers have a meaning associated with it. The meaning can help people see their strengths and weaknesses and can also help find it easier to understand and sympathize with others. Let's look at a practical use of numerology. Imagine you are at work(boo) and there is someone there that always rubs you the wrong way. You don't want to fight with that person because it would only make life more difficult for you in the long run. It would be much easier to make peace with him/her, but you can't ever succeed in doing so. Easy enough solution for numerology, just figure out their prime number(easy process) and find out what makes him/her tick. Then with that knowledge I can almost guarantee you will start to get along with that person.

Another type of psychic abilities, one that does require lots of experience to be good at it, but can also be fun if your just starting out is palmistry or palm reading. Reading the lines on the hands for psychic clues is a long standing practice dating back thousands of years ago. It is really very amazing because more often than not a good palm reading turns out to be true. Palm reading is something of a consistent psychic work because the lines on your palms are always changing. I've noticed huge changes with the lines of my hands compared to 5 years ago. As our life progresses so does our destiny.

The list of different types of psychic abilities is long. You would probably lose interest if I discussed them all with you. The 4 mentioned above are arguably the most popular of the psychic abilities.

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