Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Ancient Art of Scrying

By Juno Mane

Scrying is the art of 'seeing' or 'gazing' using a
medium on which to focus. It is commonly practised by mediums, witches
and seers in many cultures and beliefs and is an age old art pre-dating

The process of scrying is an extremely personal
one. Some prefer to use water, known as hydromancy, some use crystal
balls, mirrors, fire, smoke, stones etc. No medium is better or worse
as the practice is open to the individual scryers interpretation and
preference. Whatever works for the seer is acceptable.

Scrying is
a form of divination, parapsychology or fortune telling. It involves a
deep level of concentration using the medium of choice. This medium
acts to clear the mind in a somewhat similar nature to a chant or
mantra. The scryer may even enter a self induced trance and at that
level of focus will have freedom of mind to interpret what is being
seen. There can be a spoken search and commentary of the process which
itself can deepen the scrying to a profound level. Spoken scryers can
hear their voice as a separate entity, originating from elsewhere.
Although all the senses are present it can seem as though there is a
disassociation of the body.

Images can range from the commonplace
events, places, objects to the highly supernatural. These images are
believed by the scryer to come from the gods, spirits, demons or the

The medium used can suggest the outcome in that the
scryer is seeing images which are linked to imperfections or structures
in the media itself. Subtle imperfections such as bubbles in crystal
for instance, ripples in water or movement or shapes in candle flame or
smoke can suggest images to the scryer.

Scrying is commonly
practised in wicca witchcraft and is a potent force alongside spells
and ritual worship. It is said that an witch who is very experienced in
scrying can practice her art using a polished finger nail, such is the
depth of her ability. Others less able may be inclined to use a crystal
ball or scrying bowl designed for the purpose and decorated with wicca
symbols. This would be filled with plain or inky black water.

method you may choose for scrying, it should prove to be a valuable and
positive experience for you. It comes easier to some than others, but
as with most skills you may learn in life, continual practice is the
key to your success.

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