Saturday, April 11, 2009

Clairvoyancy & The Link To Psychic Phone Readings

by Rachel Ross

Clairvoyance is a French word that literally means "clear seeing." This
is what clairvoyants are able to do, is see things that others cannot.
Clairvoyants have a highly attuned psychic awareness of their
environment and the people they meet.

Clairvoyants believe that everybody is psychic to some degree. For
example, have you ever been
Aware ofwho was calling you on the phone before you answered it?
Clairvoyants are still different from the rest of us, however. It is
believed they either are born with a higher level of these powers, or
have developed them over a number of years. It's like someone being
born with a keen sense of sight or smell, a clairvoyant is someone with
a higher developed "sixth sense."

It's a popular misconception that all clairvoyants achieve their goals
through the use of a friendly spirit who will act as their advisor and
guide in the spirit world. Some clairvoyants do work this way, but most
tend to see their power in a less ghostly fashion. The main difference
between a clairvoyant and a medium is that a medium as the word
suggests, always mediates between the Earth and Spirit world. A
clairvoyant sees what is present and past and sometimes future, even
though the best clairvoyants know that the future is what we create it
to be.

Clairvoyants can see clearly into the lives of their clients and give
them psychic information in a reading. There are a number of different
ways in which these psychic abilities is explained.

Some see energy auras, or energy vibrations in people that translate
into colors. A strong aura may mean that the person is healthy, open
and friendly. A weak aura indicates some type of health problem or
character weakness. Auras have been caught on film on many occasions
and some photographs of people with missing limbs actually show an aura
around the space where their limbs once were. The colors of auras
suggest a "mood" or form of energy that can be translated into
different moods. A pink aura or visualizing a pink aura means love, a
red one could mean anger, a blue one composure and so on.

Psychic connections can be made over the phone, and psychic phone
readings play an important part, where distance is no limiting factor,
just like Reiki which can sent over distances, so a phone psychic or
clairvoyant connection can be made with accurate and amazing results.

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